Why Your Food Business Needs a Passthrough Dishwasher?

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  • Published June 20, 2019
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Hand-washing dishes have become old-fashioned. The world has moved ahead and people have started to prefer things that make their work quicker and easier. If you are running a food business and you are considering hiring workers to hand-wash the dishes, you will be spending a lot on your wage bills. Also, washing the dishes with hands consume plenty of time. As opposed to this, you will find that automated dishwashers are capable of better and faster cleaning.

If you have a small business, you might be tempted to use a domestic machine to clean the dishes. But, a domestic dishwasher will take an hour to finish one cycle as compared to a commercial Maidaid passthrough dishwasher, which only takes a couple of minutes. In order to get a clearer idea about why you should opt for commercial passthrough dishwashers, mentioned below are some of their key benefits.

High-speed Washing

Washing with a passthrough dishwasher means that you will be able to save a lot of time. If the dishes are washed by hand, you are going to lose the time you would, otherwise, have left to spend on other important things. Instead, by using a commercial dishwasher, you will be able to do other tasks whilst the machine cleans the dishes.

It is important for a commercial kitchen to have cutlery, plates and glasses clean during rush hours. Opting for washing the items with hands will result in you losing several customers.

Saves Energy

A lot of people might avoid the idea of purchasing a passthrough dishwasher thinking that it is another electrical device that requires a lot of power to run. Although a commercial dishwasher needs a power supply, it is extremely efficient. Most of them require only 20/30 amps to function.

Stain-Free Washing

Another important benefit of passthrough dishwashers is that they can clean more efficiently than hand-washes. Unlike manual hand washes, they will not leave even a stain on the dishes. Updated technology is used in these machines to clean dishes to ensure top-class hygiene and cleanliness.

Additionally, a passthrough dishwasher is able to wash a large number of wares at once. Instead of washing one dish at a time, let the dishwasher clean several of them together.

Easy to Use

Touch screen controls and self-explanatory pictograms make a Maidaid passthrough dishwasher really simple to use. You do not have to know how to operate a high-tech gadget to make a commercial dishwasher work. The instructions are pretty simple and you can control all its activities with a few simple clicks. The intuitive operating system enables self-cleaning. You will not have to worry about how your dishes are being washed. The guided program ensures that all the inserted utensils are thoroughly washed.

Loading dishes into the dishwasher is really simple. All you need to do is pull the hood up, bring the rack out, load it with the dishes, put it back in, pull the hood down, and let the machine do its work. Whilst it cleans, you can reload another rack to be inserted after the first batch is done.

Ergonomic Design

Passthrough dishwashers are made of stainless steel, giving them an attractive appearance. Although it is not something that you will display in front of your customers, it will urge you to maintain its cleanliness. They are designed to function without making a watery and soapy mess as the cleaning process takes place inside. A passthrough dishwasher occupies the least amount of space, and usually come with the feature to adjust its height according to specific preferences.

These are some of the key advantages that come with a Maidaid passthrough dishwasher. These benefits have increased the demand for commercial dish-washing machines. Numerous hotels and restaurants all over the UK use them for cleaning the dishes. These reasons make such dishwashers 10 times more efficient than the traditional method of manually washing dishes.

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