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  • Author Paula Braiden
  • Published June 22, 2019
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Stories on Facebook occupy prime real estate…

Stories get pride of place at the top of your Facebook app. As a result – just like on other platforms – stories on Facebook will grab a user’s attention. What’s more, they remain on screen as users scroll through their feed too. What does all of this mean? In short, it means stories are hard for users to get away from, or forget about. That’s great news for you because those two qualities, (and the ‘Front and centre’ positioning) make stories on Facebook great for generating social media engagement!

Facebook stories are one of 2019’s social media trends…

Before there were stories on Facebook, there were ‘stories’ features on Instagram and Snapchat. The statistics from those platforms show that the core concept behind stories on Facebook is already popular with users. For example, on Instagram some 250 million accounts use the feature every day… Seek Social can only imagine what that number will rise to once the feature is handed over to the world’s largest social media userbase! Whatever the final statistics might end up being though, it’s going to be an audience that you can’t afford to miss out on, and one that in the opinion of the Seek Social team, will make Stories on Facebook one of the emerging social media trends (and sources of social media engagement) of 2019!

A better connection with your audience…

The data shows that these days, people simply don’t trust companies the way they used to. It’s not enough to be a faceless corporation with a good reputation anymore… To really maximise your social media engagement you need to connect with your audience on a personal level. This is why Seek Social have started taking you behind the scenes to meet the people that work here. We don’t want to be one of those faceless organisations… We want you to know who we are, and what each member of Team Seek Social does for our clients. Stories on Facebook are also ideal for providing the kind of ‘behind the scenes’ video content we mentioned in last week’s Seek Social blog. They’ll let you show people the human side of your organisation in a way that they can’t get away from. And in turn, that’s sure to garner you a lot of social media engagement opportunities!

Measure your campaigns easily…

One of the features of stories on Facebook that caught our eye at Seek Social (and which will really help you as a business user) is the analytics suite. As with Facebook insights, these tools make it easier to see which of your posts were a success according to the metrics that are important to you. In turn, that allows you to make adjustments to your content, so that the next time you post stories on Facebook, they’re more suited to provide the audience reaction that you want. That could be social media engagement, online purchases, sales enquiries, or something else entirely… The point is, you’re given the tools to measure and improve your performance.

Lastly, why should YOU be using stories on Facebook?

By combining video and storytelling, stories create a veritable goldmine for social media engagement. As we mentioned earlier, you should be telling the story of the people at your organisation in order to create an affinity and trust with your followers, while video content is already proven to yield high amounts of social media engagement. So, the Seek Social team would say give it a go and see how you do… However, if you’d like some more personalised advice then we’re more than happy to help! Just give us a call on 0161 761 1800, or visit us at our NEW premises here…

We started this company as a husband and wife team jumping from corporate employees to business owners. We worked with big organisations for years and decided to use our experiences, industry knowledge, and networks to help smaller businesses succeed.

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