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  • Published June 26, 2019
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Everyone wants to have a clean household, it’s a very natural thing to want. An important aspect of that is of course our windows. They need to be thoroughly cleaned in a way that makes them look crystal clear and shiny. For this reason, many people are option for a special service. There has been an increasing trend of Quality Pressure Washing Service in Beverly Hills CA. You should opt for this service or any other Window Cleaning Company whenever you are thinking of some renovations around the house.

Though, there is a certain way to go about it. You can’t be completely abrupt about this decision. You have to make them carefully and think about it with consideration.

Examine the State

You need to first examine the state of your windows and see what needs to be done. See if the stains are actually hard enough that they require pressure washing. Moreover you should carefully check all the caulking and see if it is in a functioning condition or not. You may have to replace them possibly before you get to the cleaning. The glazing should also be completely in tact around the panes. You just have to be careful and see if there is any wood exposed while you are cleaning the windows because extreme pressure from this cleaning method could destroy your windows.

Protecting Your Windows

With pressure washing, you need to know that there are a lot of cleaning products uses. They could potentially damage your windows and that is not what you need. So you should protect your windows by soaking the soil underneath each window. What this would essentially do is that it would dilute the soap that you are using to clean the windows. This way you can both protect the windows and give them a great cleaning!

The Washing Process

Now, we come to the actual washing process itself. You have to put in the soap that is specially made to be used in pressure washers inside the device’s reservoir. Be sure to see if the soap is suitable for the surface you are about to clean before you start. Then you have to put the soap tip on the end of the pressure washing wand. Upon switching, a lot of soapy water will come out from the washer itself. After you are done applying the soapy water, you have to switch the tip to ‘general use’. Then normal water will come out at a considerably high amount of pressure. Remove the soap and dust from this water and then leave your windows to dry for a couple of days before you prime or paint them.

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