A Vision of Utopia

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  • Author June Stepansky
  • Published June 26, 2019
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Utopia--- a place in which human society, natural conditions, etc., are so ideally perfect that there is complete contentment

Before we can hope to shape the future, we must first examine the past, because we have arrived at this point in history as a result of the past actions of many of our ancestors from many diverse cultures.

Up to this point in our history, especially before the rule of law, many societies simply took what they desired from others. The strongest survived and the weaker societies perished. The misery and the carnage that resulted was viewed by our ancestors to be their only way of surviving in a dangerous world. What was fair or right didn’t really matter. Survival and prospering has always been the "way of the world" regardless of the cost in suffering to others. We have seen this in the constant conquest which all countries have practiced. We have seen this in the business practices which still exist today that take cruel advantage of those who are less able to protect themselves. We still see this attitude in many of our current societies. The strong prey on the weak and use them without compassion to achieve their objectives. A world which has the goal of using others for personal advantage will never become a world in which all individuals can live with dignity.

Before we can achieve the more loving vision that we all desire, we must first begin by defining the vision of the world that we want to create.

For a long time we have been taught to value great wealth and many still think that it is the path to happiness. Wealth of itself does not create happiness, as we see if we have known people who have been very wealthy. They suffer the same problems of health or difficult relationships or loneliness or anxiety as the rest of us. Wealth does not solve all problems. Adequate financial stability certainly is necessary to a happy life, but extreme wealth is not. When our personal goals change, then our society will also begin to change.

Vision 1--One of the important visions for a better world is adequate financial stability for all.

Vision 2--Healthy people are happier and better functioning so that our second vision is for adequate health opportunities for all.

Vision 3--Educated people do better in their lives and contribute much to their communities. Opportunities for career education and education that also teaches people personal responsibility should certainly be part of a new vision for the future.

Vision 4--Governments that reflect the desires of the people and can be changed regularly by law.

Vision 5--Freedom in our personal lives--which includes political, religious, sexual, and diversity of thought as long as we remain non-violent in our choices.

Vision 6--Adequate help for those in need whether financially, physically or emotionally.

None of us knows what the future will be like, but if all people have most of their needs met and all people respect each other in their search for happiness and fulfillment, and try to make the world a better, more well- functioning and beautiful place, I have great hope that this vision of Utopia, through the efforts of caring people everywhere, can someday become a living reality.

June Stepansky is a published writer and poet who writes books and articles about happiness, self-improvement and social and political issues.--adifferentvoice@live.com

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