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The work of an analyst is not a piece of cake. They carry the burden of taking the business forward with as few errors as possible. Analysts have a clear idea about the current or upcoming trends, can communicate with the common man better, scrutinize the acquired data to find out what is hidden, and present a polished product.

With a wider horizon, they boost the revenues datasciencecoursedubai and efficiency of a business; gaining an upper hand against the fellow competitors is not very difficult when the analysts are exceptionally gifted with marketing strategies and community feeling.


The basic educational requirements include attaining a degree in either mathematics, computer science or statistics and a master’s in finance or information technology. Additionally, a probable candidate must show signs of understanding the functioning of data applications and logical reasoning. Although a candidate holding a degree in software engineering might find himself favored more, he should also be recognized as gifted in both algorithms and mathematics.

Unlike a data scientist, an analyst can only answer those questions which are already formulated and address particular problems pertaining to business.

An analyst is required to look at the patterns of the data from a different point of view. Therefore, he or she will need tools such as Tableau and Visualrto fulfill their responsibilities. They not only need a degree; they also are expected to go through a rigorous training program to hone their computer proficiency. R, SAs and Python are considered as the primarily important programming languages that are used to analyze everything under the sun.

Unlike a data scientist, an analyst does not have to be experienced in visualization capabilities nor in business acumen. He or she has to have a mastery over the administration and management of the data accumulated from the historical records of a business.

These skills, however, are not developed by chance or taught through books. The variety of training institutions that are set up all over the world help in polishing such skills along with mastering new big data languages through their wide array of courses.

Benefits of online training:

Online tutorials for training and practice purposes are mostly preferred by people. The flexibility and freedom one enjoys while taking online classes can be noticed in the results. These tutorials help in boosting self-development skills while gathering a better idea of the course pursued.

People from all over the world can refer to these without any requirement of daily commuting or having the fear of lagging behind if they are unable to grasp the subject. The tutorials are led by experts and IT engineers who make the courses extremely comprehensive and easy to understand.

Certification and cost of training:

One of the primary reasons for acquiring this training is to possess a certificate. It might be just a piece of paper, but, the amount of confidence it cultivates in a person,makes it worthwhile. In a profession where specialization is prioritized and where the supply of candidates is lacking, owning a certificate can give a promising boost. Companies are more likely to invest in those who are wellaware of networking, security and cloud migration. Besides, a certificate in either CDMP or SAS is usually preferred, whereby, the candidate is well versed with extracting, scrutinizing, processing, and presenting accurate data.

The cost of training courses differs depending on the institutes; although the average cost lies in between $200 - $800.

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