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Data analysis is all about collecting data from any source, particularly from web-based databases, filtering them or deleting the unnecessary, incomplete and irrelevant data, assembling them in proper groups, presenting them in visualized formats in the form of charts, dashboards, graphs or reports so as to help the decision makers draw a conclusion easily. Data means information. Information means knowledge. The more information you have, the more knowledge you will gain. Various corporations today are taking the help of data analysis Data Science Training software because of a high data sample size so as to reach a very correct and informed conclusion about a particular problem quickly. This could be about their employees' performance, production costs, supply cost, consumer behavior etc. Pharmaceutical companies use it in analyzing the effects of various drugs and their compositions. Airlines andlogistics companies use data science for cost management, and to enhance the customer experience. So, the field of data science is making inroads into almost all types of industries, and the demand for good data science is growing day by day.

What is the software used in data analytics?

There are three future-ready software packages or platforms which are widely used in data analytics. They are – 1. Python 2. Tableau 3. Big Data Hadoop. Anyone could learn any one of these, but knowledge of all three will make you highly eligible to get a job in world-class companies with high salary packages.


If you want a solid career choice in your job profile with a good reward for your job then data analytics is your field. The demand for data science professionals is very high. The job reward ratio is also very lucrative.

How to learn?

There are various institutions that are providing data analytics courses in India. One has to give recognition to the benefits of an internationally accredited certification, and the trainers should have good prior experience in this field. There could be online and offline courses. Online courses are better than offline in the sense that you can learn it at home in your time. The working class people already holding jobs may not find a suitable time for offline classes. One more important thing is that in online classes you can repeat the lessons as many times as you like to understand any topic properly. Institutions are also providing the same kind of career counseling and help in getting a job for online students. Finding the best teacher is very easy online.

Who can do this course?

Anyone having an interest could do this course to boost his career in the field of data analytics. These platforms have become so easy that even a person having no knowledge about programming could learn it. Python is an easy application to learn and understand, and Tableau and Big Data Hadoop are just a drag-drop platform. The step-by-step approach in learning data science makes it even more interesting to learn. Having a bit of mathematical knowledge will be helpful,but it is not at all a necessity.

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Data analytics training providers like EXCELR, Bangalore is one of the leaders in providing such types of training. Having the best faculties and internationally accredited certificates, it is one of the front runners in the field of data analytics. This seems to be the best time to learn Data Analytics courses online.

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