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Whether you are a homeowner or stage manager at a theatre, you are always under pressure to decorate your place magnificently. The problem is that décor styling ideas in the UK fade quickly. It is hard to stay up-to-date with these decorative ideas or implement them on your property.

If you want to treat large windows on your property, things get even more difficult. Large window treatment options are costly. Worse still, you have to choose carefully to avoid ruining your décor. Luckily, you can always go for curtains to treat big windows.

Why Choose Window Curtains?

This is a timeless window treatment option that offers a wide range of benefits. From office blocks, living rooms, cinema halls, theatres to hospitals, you can use curtains to bring large windows to life. If you choose the right materials, colours and patterns, your curtains will instantly transform the look of your interior space.

Window curtains are also versatile in function. They not only help with light control but also enhance privacy. During cold weather, heavy curtains keep away cold drafts and trap in heat indoors. This reduces the cost of air conditioning.

With the best curtain quality, it is easy to upgrade your room’s décor. Curtains come in a wide range of styles, colours and patterns. You can choose custom colours to suit your decorative ideas. The best curtains add a dash of elegance and style to your room. They instantly transform any bland space into a beauty.

The best curtain manufacturers supply measure-to-size products to suit any window size. If you want an effective yet affordable window treatment for your big windows, it is time to shop for large curtains.

Shopping For Large Window Curtains

Choosing the best products for large windows is not easy. To find the best curtains for wide windows, you have to balance function and aesthetics. The best curtains blend these two elements.

Some of the factors to consider when shopping for wide window curtains include:

  1. Intended Function

A theatre manager will look for dark opaque curtains to keep out light during performances. On the other hand, a homeowner will go for brightly coloured curtains that allow light to filter through.

Before you go shopping for curtains, take time to review what you need. This will make it easier to find the best products to suit your needs.

  1. Choose the Correct Fit

Measuring curtains for wide windows is not easy. Many property owners take the wrong measurements only to end up with poorly fitting curtains.

For this window treatment play its role well, you need to get the sizes right. Some of the things to consider here include:

i. Mounting technique: when measuring window curtains, consider whether you want to mount them outside or inside of the window frame. Outside mounting gives the illusion of a larger window. Inside mounting creates a streamlined look.

ii. Rod length: choose the length of your curtain rod before measuring the window width. You have to determine where you want to mount the rod to get the correct measurement (inside trim mount, below trim mount, or above trim mount).

iii. Curtain length: Determine the décor style you want by selecting how to hang the curtains (above the sill, below the sill or floor length).

iv. Measure for width: Your curtains should be about 1 1/2 to 3X the final width measurement of your window. You should choose the ideal curtain fullness to suit your décor needs.

  1. Choose the best Curtain Type

Some of the factors to consider when buying curtains for your windows include texture, curtain colour and patterns. Consider the décor look you want, type of room you wish to decorate and type of furniture already in the room.

Curtains are the ideal treatment for wide windows. They turn your windows into an important aspect of the décor. Curtains are affordable, stylish, and they serve multiple functions in a room. With these tips, you can now choose the best curtains for your space.

Cameo Curtains is a premier UK curtain and drapery manufacturer. The company, established in 1991, manufactures high-quality curtains for wide windows and drapery and supplies them to clients across the country. From village halls, schools, homes, universities, cinemas, theatres to libraries, the company has built a large customer base.

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