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Are you getting married in 2019? Congratulations! It is a great time to celebrate your nuptials, especially because this year has some of the hottest wedding trends gracing the pages of different bridal magazines. Of course, you want a wedding that is within your budget, but still has that ‘wow’ factor that will make guests talk about it for years to come. The best part of this year’s trends is that they are extremely flexible and has a care-free, millennial touch to them. Take a look below at some of the trends that you can make use of for your upcoming D-day.

Out-of-the-box Wedding Venues

Big banquet halls and luxury hotels are still popular choices, but outdoor wedding venues are trending over indoor wedding venues. Ranches, distilleries, wineries and breweries are some of the voguish settings that people are choosing to take their vows in. These venues offer ample space and great opportunity to decorate it the way the couple like. You can introduce lovely centrepieces, arches, tents and such other decor elements to transform the venue into your dream wedding setting. If you need help, you can rely on the expertise of event decorators.

Colourful, Vibrant Touches

Last year, weddings were focused on neutral colours and simplicity. This year, bright and vibrant colours are making a big comeback. However, adding colour to your wedding does not have to be overpowering. You can choose to incorporate a punch of colour, instead of going fully bold. For instance, you can get colourful confetti to add a pop of colour into your fun celebrations. Also, you can just use colour for the mendhi or wedding stage and let the rest of the venue have a subtle colour theme. This will make sure that the stage stands out from the rest of the decor and the entire focus is just on you two.

Statement Linens

Linens are an immensely subtle event detail and the majority of people do not think about them until the very last minute. Even though linens may seem like a trifling detail, they are extremely crucial and can be used as a statement piece. You can use them to add a dash of texture and colour that will surely grab the attention of your guests. This year, linens are getting their time in the spotlight and are being regarded as a fun trend for weddings. Since this trend gives you ample chances of customisation, you can speak to the event decor company and get linens that match perfectly with your wedding theme and other decorations.

Banquet Tables with Low Floral Arrangements

At large weddings, banquet tables are a necessity and they ensure that there is enough seating space for everyone. But, sometimes when you use really large, intricate centrepieces to decorate the tables, you tend to lose the intimacy. This low florals trend can really help to make your wedding setting feel inviting and warm.

Low florals refer to flower arrangements that are not too tall and allows guests to view each other when sitting opposite. For more depth, you can place candles matching the height of the floral arrangement on the banquet tables. This trend is not that difficult to incorporate and you can get ideas from professional event decorators.

On-point Lighting for Setting the Mood

The right choice of lighting can make a huge difference to your overall wedding decor. To set an intimate mood for your nuptials, you can opt for paper lanterns, twinkling lights, pinspot lighting or stately chandeliers. Tea lights or mason jars hanging from tea branches are also a great idea for 2019 weddings.

So, the wedding trends for 2019 are neither simplistic nor too loud. It is about finding a fine balance between creating a statement and keeping it intimate. Check out event decorators to find decor elements that you can rent.

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