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  • Published August 30, 2019
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There are two pillars underlying a digital marketing strategy. The one is SEO and the other is Adwords campaigns. Both have a lot of positives and it is sure that the combination of both will produce amazing results.

SEO is based on increasing the organic results, that is, the results that are based on the results of the search engines and are related to the quality of your website or eshop. One thing is for sure: Without a well-structured onpage and offpage seo, no eshop and no website can have results, sales, and traffic.

SEO invests in keywords, in long-term and steady traffic to your site, in increased brand awareness and has a much lower cost. In Adwords, results are immediate from the first time the campaign starts.

So which is the better way to increase the traffic to our site or eshop?

The answer is a right combination of SEO and Adwords.

Phase 1:

If we want to do an Adwords campaign we first need to do the following: make keyword groups, the so-called ad groups, that will best fit our product and which in every ad will send the user to a specific page and not to the original. We then link the Adwords campaign to Analytics to get a clear picture of the campaign stats and track its performance and where correction is needed.

Then we need to combine SEO and AdWords with:

  1. Create Landing pages

Properly designed landing pages play a very important role for both SEO and Adwords. For SEO because Google places a huge importance on the quality of a page for its ranking, and for Adwords because the better quality a landing page has, the greater the conversion.

  1. Selection of key phrases

The right choice of keywords plays a crucial role in our strategy. Choose the most highly competitive keywords in SEO and content marketing for lasting results at a very low cost and invest your Adwords budget in low keywords.

In short, we say the following:

●Carefully select the keywords you want to use

●Keep the SEO of your site at a perfect level. Without proper SEO your every effort will be wasted.

● Make sure the visitor is directed to the correct landing page and not to the homepage when you make an Adwords campaign.

-Don't forget also that the better a campaign is set up, the more people will share your links and thus the greater advantage you will get in your Google ranking through link building.

-The statistics of your campaigns are the ones that will show you your performance, the conversions you have and so much more data that constant analysis will lead to the success of your website and eshop.


SEO and AdWords can be blended together for more traffic and greater profits, giving amazing results.

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