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  • Published August 7, 2019
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Heat pumps are increasingly popular as a low cost way to heat the home and save on electricity. In fact, heat pumps are becoming as popular as home solar for Hobart homes. However, you may not be using your pump in the most efficient way, leading to wasted heat and less money saved each month. To remedy this, let’s dive into some tips on how to use your heat pump as efficiently as possible.

Maximise Heat Around the Home

Many times, homeowners and residents want multiple rooms heated. Daikin heat pumps by Hobart professionals are capable of heating several rooms in the home if you adjust the system and your home correctly. Keep doors open if you want a room heated and close any doors to rooms that you’d like to stay cool. If you only want one room to be heated, then close any adjacent doors in the building. By opening doors that are connected to the room with the heating unit, you can control the temperature in various rooms with ease.

Set the Temperature

When your heat pump is installed successfully, you can set the temperature on the thermostat manually, experimenting to find the perfect temperature for your home. Once you’ve got the heat at a comfortable level, you can sit back and relax without worrying about adjusting it. A heat pump’s function is to maintain the temperature in the area, so as long as you are comfortable you don’t need to make adjustments like you would with other kinds of heating systems.

Avoid Auto Temperature Mode

Some heating systems often have an auto mode feature, which enables the system to switch back and forth to regulate temperature in the home. However, this could mean that your system unnecessarily toggles between heating and cooling. This can lower the energy efficiency of the unit and can lead to heating systems switching on when it’s cool in the summer or on a warm winter day. Try to avoid setting an automated temperature control setting and instead adjust it manually.

Experiment with Fan Speed

Even though you shouldn’t use auto mode when it comes to the temperature, it can be a different story with the fan. If this is your first heat pump, or if you’re using a new system, such as upgraded Daikin heat pumps, Hobart residents should start off using auto mode for the fan. If you can’t find a comfortable speed setting, adjust it manually until you find what is comfortable for your home. Solar in Hobart homes can power heat pumps to heat multiple rooms if you direct airflow and maximise the heated zones.

Adjust the Direction of Airflow

Since warmer air rises, it is a good idea to direct the flow of air towards the floor. This keeps it from hitting occupants of the home directly and not as much heat will escape. All models may have a remote control with airflow settings, so you don’t have to manually adjust the vents.

With these tips, you can heat the home more efficiently than ever before. Keep your system at the ideal temperature and have a warm and cosy home throughout the winter.

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