Ways to Improve Video Ranking on Youtube

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  • Published September 16, 2019
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Here are 5 ways to improve video ranking on Youtube categorized in order from what is most necessary to extra tasks that can be done to increase the results of video promotion.

  1. Improve Search Engine Title and Description

This is the most obvious where you need to enter the main target keyword as your primary word you want to target on Youtubes title. Then as well update the description to include these links as well as links to a call to action you want your visitor to perform or links to social media channels. Make sure to include enough content in the description to give keywords to target.

  1. Improve Watch Time

Youtube places videos with good watch time and engagements higher in the display results because it shows it is a good video for their viewers. To increase rankings increase your watch time by creating engaging content that keeps visitors entertained or being taught.

  1. Improve Engagements

Ask your viewers to click the like and subscribe as well as share buttons during the video. It can be either in a shout out or a display box to direct viewers to perform the action. Most youtubers who try this instantly see an increase in user engagements. People are watching videos fast nowadays and dont always remember to click the buttons to show the appreciation to the video creator.

  1. Promote Video on Other Websites

Even when you see some videos have over 1 million views. If you could see their analytics some of those videos 75% of the views were brought from sources other than youtube. So it is very important to promote your video on other high traffic sites by embedding it in blog posts or using video promoters to assist with this.

  1. Promote Socially to Get Shares

The last step to promote your video is to boost through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram along with Twitter to get people talking and interacting with the video and sharing with their family and friends. Social promotion is easiest way to increase the amount of people watching your video and when this takes place it increases your search engine rankings on Youtube search results.

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