Guest Bedroom Decoration Ideas


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  • Published November 1, 2019
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To make sure everyone is comfortable during their stay—guests and hosts—give visitors the very best. That means fresh flowers, throw blanket, fluffed pillows, and a few more of the items below. Read on for following ideas, essentials, and style inspirations to curate a guest bedroom that'll look beautiful and feel great.

Choose the right size bed

Start with the basics, those must-haves in guest bedroom decor. First you’ll need a comfortable bed – and depending on your space and your budget, it’s an easy fix. If space is not an issue, go ahead and use a soft bed to create an ultra-plush sleep experience. If your home doesn't have enough space for a guest room but you host a lot, make one of the other rooms in the house (like the family room or home office) serve double duty. Just put a daybed in a corner—make it super cozy and comfortable with tons of pillows and throw blanket.

Provide a Robe and dinosaur throw blanket

Make your guest room feel like a hotel by putting the things they'll need throughout their stay right there in the room. Some examples include a robe, slippers, and fleece dinosaur throw blanket. If you want to go the extra mile, leave a carafe of water on the side table.

Create a cozy seating area

Once the essentials are handled, you’ll want to create that comfortable seating area for your guests to use as a reading nook, a resting pad or just a place to sit and put on their shoes. The addition of a comfy chair can make all the difference to your guest room. Getting the seating just right is a matter of determining your available space and choosing accordingly.  If a deeply tufted chaise lounge or settee just isn’t an option, then dress up a small upholstered chair with a fluffy throw pillow and throw blanket to set the stage. A bedroom bench can invite a restful moment or an intimate conversation without taking up too much space. Include a wonderful book or magazine and voila, your reading nook is complete!

Provide your guests with proper strorage

Next, provide a place for your guests to unpack and settle in. Be it a closet with shelving, a chest of drawers, or a luggage rack (if space is really an issue), give them somewhere to organize their belongings—no one wants to bend over to dig items out of their suitcase. Be creative, hooks on the wall are a charming and useful addition to the setting, and can be made from almost anything: vintage glass door knobs, cabinet door pulls, even antique faucet handles. Think outside the box and you’ll find inspiration all around you.

Dial Up the Art

A gallery wall will give the space character and make it feel more like a home without taking up valuable surface space. An alarm clock and radio are also nice touches.Don't Forget Fresh Flowers.Fresh flowers in the guest bedroom are a small but mighty detail. They communicate that you're so excited to have them there!

Guest bedroom essentials checklist

  • Equip the guest bath with a basket of travel sized toiletries
  • Leave a small dish of individually wrapped chocolates on the bedside table
  • Keep extra throw blankets in the closet
  • Bring in a chilled bottled water before they retire
  • Put an alarm clock/digital charger next to their bed
  • Add an easily accessible power strip or docking station
  • Keep a table lamp on the bedside table for reading
  • Use dark curtains so your guests can sleep in
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