Who Is Responsible for Sidewalk Repair in NY?

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  • Published November 2, 2019
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In states like NY, sidewalks are an important part of the day to day infrastructure - in fact, more individuals in the city walk to their destinations when feasible, instead of driving cars. Therefore, it is important to ensure that, much like our roadway infrastructure, our sidewalk and pedestrian infrastructure is in good repairs. However, individuals may wonder, who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalks in NY? And how do you go about enforcing nyc sidewalk repair?

Thankfully, the research has already been done for you. Sidewalk repair in NYC is, legally, required to be completed by the property owner on all commercial and private properties. Therefore, the individual who owns the land - typically, the landlord or property manager - is responsible for overseeing the repairs and finding suitable concrete sidewalk contractors.

Some may ask how you determine what portions of the sidewalk you are responsible for repairs if you own your own land. However, this answer is relatively simple as well. Any sidewalk that is within your property line is your legal responsibility, meaning you are required to ensure that any section of NYC sidewalk that is contained on your property is in good repairs.

On city-owned land, of course, this is different - in this case, the sidewalk is very similar to that of the roadways. Through taxpayer dollars, the city is liable for ensuring the repairs of any sidewalk on public property, such as city parks. If you feel that a sidewalk needs to be repaired, it can be reported to the department of transportation, who will oversee the enforcement of repairs or hire a contractor to repair the sidewalk themselves. If you receive a request from the city to complete required repairs on your property but are unsure of where to find a contractor, it is relatively simple. A search for "sidewalk repair near me" will bring up contractors in your area who will be able to assist in the necessary reparation required.

Ultimately, property owners in NYC are required to maintain and repair sidewalks contained on their property - meaning it is important you know and understand where to find reputable sidewalk contractors in your area to assist in making the repairs. Many may believe that the sidewalk is public property, however, in NYC this is not the case - meaning you are responsible for ensuring your sidewalks are well kept.

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