Key Facts to Know About Roof Insulation and its Benefits

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  • Published November 15, 2019
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Do you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home? A perfect insulation process helps your home to store heat during the winter while it keeps the place cooler in the summer days. Therefore, your home offers the ultimate level of comfort as well as it helps you to save energy. The higher the R-value an insulation product has, the more it slows down the heat flow in your house. Before choosing the insulation process and products, remember that R-value is the one that determines the effectiveness of the procedure.

Most of the people from the UK are opting for a better insulating process. They are now eager to install roof insulation so that they can cut down the excessive energy bills and contribute towards the go green process. If you take a closer look at your expenses, then you can find out that a major portion of this goes to monthly energy requirement cost. However, insulation performs as a perfect substitute for heating appliances. This is a low-maintenance process that doesn't ever let you face any hassle after installation. Different insulator panels come up with different prices and before you choose one, you must ask the professionals to get a better suggestion.

What are the benefits of roof insulation?

If you find roof insulation to be an extra expense of this month, then let's check the points below that will let you know why you must not avoid insulation process -

Top 5 advantages of insulation:

  • It offers you a healthier home environment

  • Cuts down the condensation

  • Improves the temperature both in summer and winter days

  • It helps you to save energy

  • Cuts down noise pollution

Some places inside your house significantly produce lower temperature all through the year. Well, making these places cosy and comfortable is necessary. While purchasing a heater or installing a fireplace can be expensive, going for perfect insulation may give you the long-term result.

How much insulation do you need?

The professionals usually suggest that you must insulate the place from where the heat mostly comes in. So, the roof is the major place that transfers 40% of the heat while 25% comes through the walls and 15% get transferred via the floor. Hence, you must not avoid the roof insulation and should get it done in the first place.

How many types of roof insulations are there?

If you take assistance from a renowned insulation service provider, then you can be offered with a lot of insulation process. Two of the most popular processes are -

Loose Fill Insulation

This insulation product is made of cellulose or fibreglass and the solution is therefore sprayed or blown in the places with the use of pneumatic equipment. This insulation method is ideal for those areas that are hard to reach such as attics. Loose fill insulation is also useful for insulating the wall cavities.

Spray Foam Insulation

This insulating method no doubt has received approval from the users all around the UK. The polyurethane or latex spray foam insulation is sprayed to fill the cracks or gaps. This product is ideally used for sealing around the windows, doors and vents as well. Spray foam insulation consists of the higher R-value and that's why it sets well in the places and can be easily trimmed or painted.

Insulation Batts

It is the pre-cut sections of rock wool insulation or fibreglass insulation. This solution is utilized in places like joists. The product is available in aluminium foil facing. Places like attics, walls, floors and ceilings can be filled with this product.

Insulation Rolls

The Insulation Rolls are available in pre-cut widths and they are well-fitted in the areas between studs and joists. This insulating product is used for floors, attics and other areas and makes a long-term impression.

Ecotite - one of the trustworthy insulation service providers is offering an excellent solution to the users. The professionals will help you in blocking the heat loss and let you learn how to save energy and prevent water intrusion. Hence, if you are looking for the best roof insulation, browse

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