6 Things You Must Know Before Insulating your Home

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  • Published November 24, 2019
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The digital age has made it easy for DIY enthusiasts to look for favourable projects and get it done effortlessly. Apart from creating fancy home decors, even DIY lovers apply their hands in home improvement projects. While it might seem simple home insulation should not be considered as a DIY task even if it appears to be simple. Of course, there are different insulation options and tools available in the market that are meant for self-use, again during installation if there occurs any mistake, it can affect the overall safety and also the performance of the insulation as it was meant to. No matter you are doing it yourself or getting a bit done by a professional here are six things to need to know before installing home insulation.

Choosing the Right Type of insulation:

With time and technology, today, there are varieties of insulation option available from which you can make your choice. Some of the popular ones that have been used over the years are fibreglass, spray foam and blow-in cellulose. However, not all type of insulation is suitable for installing in every part of your home. Blindly selecting an insulation solution without knowing its pros and cons can leave you disappointed. 

Learn about the Safety Precautions of the Insulation:

Are you aware of the fact that fibreglass insulation contains metal particles and recycled glass? Professional insulation contractors know about it and wear protection gears and perform carefully during the process. Also, inhaling the fumes that the insulation emits can be harmful to the lungs. 

Don’t Remove the Backing:

In the case of fibreglass insulation, removing the backing that is also known as the vapour barrier is a big mistake. When you are doing it yourself install it with the backing faced towards your home interior. This process is important to prevent rot and mould growth from occurring. 

Too Much Insulation is Not Right:

While insulation protects the temperature of your home by trapping air in your house in spite of allowing it to filter outdoors if it is packed too tightly the entire process can go wrong. This results in by reducing its ability to trap the air that further hinders the insulation to work properly. This happens mostly in case of fibreglass insulation and professional contractors are alert about it and do their task accordingly.

Be Conscious about the Fire Hazards:

An expert insulation contractor is aware of the hazards that can be caused by a fire in case of improper installation of insulation. Mostly, threats are involved in the attic as they are close to water heaters. Also, the wiring should not be enfolded in insulation. In the case of blown-in insulation, you must consider these facts as it contains the ability to drift.

Don’t Overlook Gaps:

Ignoring even a minor gap can hamper the performance of the insulation. If there is any gap then moisture can penetrate the area. This can make the interior of the home damp and unhealthy. 

What is the Best Insulation Solution?

In the present day, spray foam insulation in London is considered to be the best insulation solution. There was a time when spray foam was mostly used in commercial settings but with time homeowners are also reclining towards this insulation option after knowing its endless benefits. Spray foam is also easier and cost-effective in comparison to the other insulation types. The key reasons that make spray foam a smart insulation choice are-

  • It provides effectual moisture and air barrier

  • When installed properly spray foam increases the structural strength of the wall, floors and ceilings

  • Spray foam limits the penetration of pollen that infiltrates the interior of the home

  • Spray foam insulation works even if it gets wet due to leakage in the pipe as well as during a flood. 

  • Last but not least it provides greater R-value.

Ecotite is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to spray foam insulation in London, UK. Homeowners rely on the avant-garde services and premium products of Ecotite, particularly because they provide eco insulation solutions.

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