Practical Tools To Use To Prevent Dog from Digging Up holes


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  • Published November 29, 2019
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Does your dog spend a lot of time digging in your backyard? This dog behavior can be frustrating and is often a sign of an under-stimulated or bored dog. Luckily, there are some tools you can use to stop your puppy from digging or make the habit less-destructive.

Just like howling or chewing, digging is generally a natural behavior for all dogs. However, that does not make it any less uncomfortable for you as a pet owner. Even if you know that your dog is digging your yard due to some solid reasons, you would still want it to stop. Besides, a backyard full of burrows and holes does not add to the artistic value of your property.

Some dogs begin digging from their childhood, but others do not have the digging urge until they are all grown and something in their life changes. One of the ways you can use to prevent digging is to give your dog some fun pet diversions where they can route that energy. That might mean assembling an assortment of tools and keeping your dog occupied most of the time. Here are some of the tools you should consider.

  1. Snuffle mat

A snuffle rug is one of the best ways to provide for your pet’s natural digging instinct as well as mental stimulation to relieve boredom. It is a rug that’s made of fleece, and you can tuck or hide treats or dry food into it. Your dog will have to snuffle and sniff in the rug to find every piece. This mat offers your dog great mental stimulation, diverting it from digging your yard. If you are good at crafts, you can also try to make one for yourself.

  1. Treat-dispensing and chew toys

Pet toys are an amazing way to keep your dog busy and entertained as well. An entertained puppy with plenty of things to do is less likely to ruin your backyard with regular digging. You can begin with simple toys such as squeaky plush toys and chewing bones, but you can also achieve better results with some complex, brain-teasing toys. Several interactive toys where your dog needs to find hidden treats will keep it entertained for a long time until you finish your errands. However, ensure that you rotate the toys from time to time to keep your dog from getting bored.

  1. Digging box or sandbox

If your pup has a habit of constantly digging up your backyard, you can try getting a digging box for them. That way, they can easily provide for their digging instinct without destroying your garden. Fill up a sandbox with sand or soil and then hide some toys or chews in it to encourage your dog to dig there and not elsewhere. If you decide to use sand, keep in mind that the sand might get hot in the warm season. Just pour some cold water on the sand to wet it before allowing your puppy to use it.


A dog digging holes in the backyard is something most pet owners experience from time to time, but that does not mean that your garden is doomed to be destroyed constantly by the restless paws of your dog. Since now you know that digging is a normal behavior in dogs as well as how you can stop a pup from digging your backyard, you’ll be able to provide your dog with more opportunities to entertain it and limit the unwanted digging.

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