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  • Published December 24, 2019
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Digital locks are a popular alternative to the usual key and lock combination. They use electricity instead of a key to operate the lock. They help provide security that is convenient for your home without the hassle of keys.

Why we need a digital lock

• The convenience of a keyless system

• You will never forget to lock your door

• You can allow guests in your home easily and safely

• Perfect for a smart home

• They have modern and stylish designs

Once you get used to the convenience of not having to bring your keys around, you will love it. You won’t need to pat your pockets for your keys each time before you leave your house – because you won’t need it to lock and unlock your door. That also means no more losing your keys because you will have none to lose.

With a digital lock, you won’t forget to lock your door. It alerts you when the door is left unlocked for some time. Some even give you the option to lock and unlock it from an app on your phone. Do you have times when you leave your door unlocked accidentally? Or you do always wonder whether you locked your door or not? You won’t have any more of these worries if you switch to a digital lock.

You can give your guests, friends, and relatives secure access to your home with a digital lock. You can generate a one-time passcode for them or share your current passcode with them. That way, you don’t have to be home just to let them in. Additionally, the passcode can be set to expire by a certain date or time. So, you will still maintain the security and privacy of your home whenever you want.

If you want to transform your home in a 21st century modern smart home, then you want a digital lock. Some digital locks can be synced with virtual assistants like Amazon Echo, Siri, and Google Assistant. You can lock and unlock your door by voice commands – how cool is that!

When you compare a digital lock to a traditional key and lock combo, the visual difference is stark. A digital lock is just so much better and modern looking. By adding it to your gate or door, you will instantly give it a modern and futuristic look.

Are digital and keyless locks safe and secure

Yes. Digital locks are as safe as key locks. As long as you keep your access code to yourself, there is little chance that someone will be able to get into your home without you knowing. As with all digital and internet-connected devices, we always fear the risk of being hacked. However, most digital locks from well-known brands are very secure and have many layers of security to ensure they are protected from hackers.

However, we can’t say that digital locks are 100% safe, similar to key locks. There is always a chance that someone can get in. However, they are close to 100% safe, especially in Singapore where the crime rate is low. So, you can switch to a digital lock with no worries as it is as safe as a keyless lock if not more.

Types of digital locks

• SMARTPHONE App Connected Digital Lock


• Password digital lock

• Biometric lock

• Bluetooth digital lock

• Card or RFID digital lock

Most common digital locks in Singapore are passcode-enabled. What this means is that you can set a password that you will have to key in to gain access to your home. Usually, password enabled locks are more affordable and also easy to set up.

Biometric digital locks are gaining in popularity as well because of how secure they are. To set up a biometric lock, you will have to let it scan your fingerprint so that it can recognize you. It is more secure as a fingerprint is harder to copy than a passcode.

Bluetooth digital locks require you to have your Bluetooth-enabled phone around. Usually, there is an app that allows you to connect to the lock which will give you access when it senses the connected and synced Bluetooth device. This Bluetooth lock may not be suitable for a home with younger children as some of them may not have phones. Also, this means if your phone is out of battery, you are out of luck.

Card or RFID enabled locks are not that popular because it takes away some of the convenience of having a keyless digital lock. You will still have to carry a card or RFID device around with you. If you forget to bring it, it is the same scenario as forgetting to bring a set of keys. These kinds of digital locks are more popular for offices rather than homes.

Where to buy a digital lock-in Singapore

You can get a digital lock both in retail stores and also online through godigitallock. You will be able to find digital locks in retail outlets like Home-fix, DIY stores, hardware shops or locksmith shops. The advantage of buying from retail is you can see the digital lock before buying. Usually, their prices are very competitive, and with the possibility of using coupons and discount codes, you can get a great deal!

Price of digital locks in Singapore

Digital locks prices start from around $200 to $1000 or more for more advanced designs and technology. For a home setup, you can expect to spend about $350 to $700 for a brand name digital lock that has a warranty included. On GoDigitalLock, if you can also choose from bundle deals with consists of two locks for an additional discount. Overall, digital locks are more expensive than regular key locks. However, the convenience they offer is worth it considering you can use the lock for many years.

Digital lock installation in Singapore

Installing a digital lock service will cost around $120 to $200 depending on the type of lock and the company you choose to install. The installation will usually take between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on whether it is a replacement or a new installation. But If you are buying new digital locks from GoDigitalLock means installation completely free…

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