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  • Published January 5, 2020
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We may have pets, but when it comes to unconditional love, they’re the masters. There’s no better way to visit Vietnam than with your world's best friend - your pet. For you to travel with a pet to Vietnam without any worries, you have to have some information beforehand. You have to be aware of several formalities expected from you before your arrival in Vietnam.

You need to prepare your pet for the trip, and there are ways you can do that. It can be a complicated procedure to navigate, but with proper planning and enjoyable time, you’ll be able to smoothly and safely handle it. Here’s what you need for your Vietnam travel with a pet.

Vietnam Regulations for Traveling to Vietnam with a Pet

Here’s an exclusive guideline for dogs and cat travel. Your pet won’t get quarantined if it meets the following requirements:

  • Your dog must have been vaccinated with rabies for at least 30 days before your travel to Vietnam and not exceeding a year. You’re then required to download the veterinary certificate and then filled by an accredited veterinary doctor to certify the pet’s health and that it’s free from parasites excluding any other human transmissible disease.

  • The governing authority of your host country responsible for the animal export and import should endorse the Vietnam International Health Certificate forms.

  • Together with the endorsement forms, be sure to include a copy of the Rabies Certificate

With all the above procedures, your pet will have their passports and can successfully enter Vietnam. Remember to carry some form of identification of ownership for your pet whenever you’re traveling. Failure to do so means you won’t be able to enter Vietnam.

If you desire to visit Vietnam with your pet in an effortless and fun way, here are some things you need to know.

Have a Pet Crate

It could get pretty much uncomfortable if you abruptly introduce a pet crate during your trip to Vietnam more so if it’s a long-distance one. One trick you could employ is to train your pet a few days before your journey. You can start by placing the bottom of the crate at a place where it likes to rest.

Once it’s comfortable, you can introduce the top container and then the door. You could then make some short trips within your locality until it gradually gets used to it. Once you do this, it’ll travel with ease.

Beware of the cost

If you’re traveling by car, there won’t be any extra cost for your pet. However, if you’re traveling by plane, there’s an issue with the price.

Different airlines have variations in their prices. Indeed, check them out before your trip.

Contact your Carrier

You could find out whether you can travel to Vietnam with your pet on your airline’s website. Preferably, I’d recommend you give them a direct call two days prior.

Then, find out if they accept a trip with pets. If you’re using a car or bus to travel, then it’d be more manageable.

Have a Name-tag

It’s a quite unpredictable traveling with pets, and a name tag will be beneficial to help with identification, or in case it goes missing.

The name-tag should have details of the pet’s name, flight number, and contact information. Remember to also put a badge on the pet collar as a precaution to getting lost.


Traveling with pets in Vietnam can be a challenge. But if you prepare early enough, you’ll have a good trip. I hope you find the information in this article useful for your impending Vietnam travel. All will be well with proper planning and have fun!

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