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  • Published January 5, 2020
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If you want to order Indian food for delivery in NY but aren’t sure which dish you should try first, then this list is for you. Indian cuisine is well-known for its rich variety of dishes thanks to the different combinations of spices, vegetables, meat and other ingredients that differ from region to region. Every person can find something that appeals to their taste buds if they know where to look. If you want to explore Indian cuisine but aren’t sure what to order or feel lost due to the native terms on the menu, you might want to go with the most popular choices.


Whether you want to build your appetite before the main meal or you want to have something for snacks as you watch the soccer match, then don’t forget samosas when ordering Indian food for delivery in NYC. These deep-fried conical snacks come in a crunchy exterior and a soft potato-filled interior enhanced with ginger and cumin. They’re perfect with some tamarind sauce on the side.


If you’re a pure vegetarian, you can rest assured that you won’t be disappointed by Indian vegetarian dishes, like choley masala. This dish consists of protein-rich chickpeas cooked with loads of spices. Tomato and onions are added for some crunch and juiciness. The Amritsari variety is popular for its large grain size. It can be served dry or with gravy. Dry mango and pomegranate powder may be added for taste.

Tandoori Chicken

If you love chicken but aren’t used to gravy dishes yet, you might want to try tandoori chicken. The whole chicken is marinated with yogurt, tandoori spices and red chili that gives it its mild spicy taste and orange hue. The meat is skewered and roasted in a special clay oven called tandoor from which it gets the name. This adds some smokiness to the mildly spicy and tender meat. You can have it with or without some flatbreads on the side.

Butter Chicken

If you’re interested in ordering Indian food for delivery in NY because you’ve heard a lot about the gravy dishes, you should try butter chicken first. It’s probably the most popular Indian dish worldwide and it’s easy to see why. It’s what happens when you cut tandoori chicken into smaller chunks and cook it in a creamy tomato sauce. It’s spicier, thicker and more filling. Fenugreek may be added for taste.


If you like using your hands instead of fork and knife, you might want some flatbread on the side when eating gravy dishes. And naan is one of the most popular of its kind. This flatbread is just thick enough to be chewy while still being thin. It’s prepared in the tandoor which gives it a smoky flavor. It’s delicious enough to be eaten plain. It can be garnished with garlic, onion and chili or stuffed with cheese.

Dum Biryani

If you’d rather not worry about if you’re ordering too many or too few naans to go with the butter chicken, then you might want a more wholesome meal like dum biryani. Biryani is a rice dish with meat layered in between. Lamb, chicken and beef are the usual main ingredients. Some restaurants may serve vegetarian biryani. Dum biryani is prepared in the dum style which involves cooking the dish in a closed pot over a long time on low heat. This gives turns the meat tender.


After all the spicy stuff, you might want some dessert to sweeten your tongue and kheer is up to the task. This porridge is made by boiling rice in milk and sugar. Pistachio and cardamom may be added for taste. This milky dish slips down your throat with ease. It’s best served warm, especially during winters.

These are the most popular dishes that you should try out if you’re new to Indian cuisine. If you’re a vegan, do ask about milk products when ordering Indian food for delivery in NYC. You might also ask about other dietary restrictions you may follow like halal meat or gluten-free food.

If you are trying Indian food for delivery in NY or Indian food for home delivery in NYC you should try ordering the popular choices like samosa, choley, tandoori chicken, butter chicken, kheer, etc. before trying more unique dishes.

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