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  • Published February 1, 2020
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Finding an ideal wedding dress can be extremely stressful. After all, you've probably never tried wedding dresses before. In addition, for more women, it is probably the most expensive dress to care for or ever buy, so the pressure of choice is even higher. At the wedding, all eyes will be drawn to the bride spread. It is no wonder that choosing a wedding dress can be very difficult to manage.

What the perfect wedding dress looks like?

But what does a perfect wedding dress mean? For some brides, it can be a princess wedding dress, with a wide skirt and a very long train, while other brides will be oriented to a mermaid-style wedding dress, which will focus more on the figure than on the volume of the skirt, and last but not least, the brides that will choose a light wedding dress that will allow them to feel at home.

The right dress for your silhouette

The hourglass silhouette: this type of silhouette is characterized by well-defined shapes, with a small waist, and the bust and hips similarly proportioned. The hourglass type silhouettes are very sensual, and almost any type of dress fits well on this body type.

The rectangular silhouette: this body has shoulders and hips of the same width but does not have a well-defined waist. In this category, we can include an androgynous silhouette. To add extra femininity, the bride must choose an extra-volume dress in the hips or bust area.

Silhouette in the form of triangle or pear: women with such a silhouette have broader hips than shoulders, generous back, and thin waist. In the case of future brides with this type of figure, a balance must be created between the trunk and the lower part of the body.

The inverted triangle silhouette: women with inverted triangle-shaped bodies have broader shoulders than hips. The matching dresses add volume to the underside of the body and distract attention from the width of the shoulders. Brides that have this silhouette can choose princess, A-line or prom dresses.

Round or apple silhouette: the round silhouette is characterized by a generous bust, broad shoulders, and undefined waist. The limbs are usually thin and the hips are narrower than the shoulders, so the wedding dress should mask the trunk and highlight the breasts or legs.

Choose a dress for your style

Often, when looking for a perfect wedding dress, future wives forget to consider an important criterion on which their decision should be based: the wedding dress should match the style and personality of the one who wears it. So do not choose a princess wedding dress if you feel like you want a more extravagant model!

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