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Hai Phong is among the three largest cities in Vietnam. It has been a notable tourist destination for travelers to Vietnam, all thanks to its stunning coastal beaches. Hai Phone never sleeps. If you travel to Minh Khai District, you can experience all kinds of leisure and entertainment. There are also many discos, pubs, nightclubs, food joints, discos, restaurants, karaoke joints, and so much. Even though the city is a bit smaller and compact than other Vietnamese tourist cities, it assures you of the best nightlife in Vietnam. The city may not be as famous as its neighbor, Hanoi, which is a couple of hours away. But with a Vietnam visit visa, you can explore the city, especially the Minh Khai district, there are many options. Here are top things and places you can check out in Hai Phong at Night:

La Villa Blanche (White House)

Hai Phong is a great place for a backpacker who yearns for the Haiphong Vietnam nightlife. Also known as the White House, the La Villa Blanche is a French-inspired structure that boasts of garden plus and a couple of outlets that sell various food and drink types, including Bia Hoi (beer). Do not expect a lot here other than regular plastic chairs and tables. However, the place is famous amongst the locals and is usually at lunch hour. You can pop in the white house late at night and buy your food and drinks at a friendly price.

The Fox

The Fox is situated just at the 37 Van Cao Street with a striking design and an ample view space. The inside has a classy white orange color. The Fox is not only an excellent place to experience nightlife in hai Phong, but it is also a curious one. To enter the building, you must first pass via a mysterious corridor. The staff here are accommodating and are readily available to get you to the second floor. You will most likely admire the freshness and enthusiasm of the employees. When it comes to the décor, it is exquisite and houses the residence DJs, who play G House, Trap, and Hip Hop. So, if you love music and dancing, this is the place to be.

New Maxim’s

New Maxim’s used to be called Friendly Club. It was established in 2010. The bar stands out among its peers, thanks to its giant green Carlsberg logo wrapped in a huge red-and-yellow sign. This is the perfect spot for lovers of live music.

Texas BBQ and Bar

This is the perfect spot for Vietnam visitors and locals alike. The Texas BBQ and Bar services impeccable western delicacies, from ribs and barbecue to pizza, and lamb. Besides, if some Mexican dishes arouse your taste buds, then this is the place to be. The deserts here are also famous, and they are served with chocolate tart, pineapple crepes, and frying bananas. There is also a host of cocktails and intriguing drinks, including bourbon, margaritas, imported wine, and caipirinhas.

The Lounge Bar at Harbour View Hotel

The colonial-designed hotel is a commendable destination for experiencing some fine and relaxing dining. The bar has some great live piano performances with a lovely ambiance and comfortable seating. It is the bar where many local expats hang out for cocktails and beers.

Saigon Café

Among the many nightlife hai Phong clubs, this café is among the most famous eateries in the city. The café is located at the corner of Dien Bien Phu and Dinh Tien Hoang streets, popularly referred to as the hub of the financial center of the Hai Phong, and the heart of entertainment in the city. There are many types of dishes and drinks to choose- it all depends on your budget and how much you can eat. Saigon is a 24/7 café.

Cong Ca Phe

Hai Phone has everything for everyone, including individuals who love communist/retro themed spots such as the Cong Ca Phe. If you are looking for excellent Vietnamese-style juices, drinks, light snacks, and coffee, the hop in here.

Haiphong Brewery Beer Club

Imagine a German beer spot, but with incredible lighting and a little more crowd. The energy here is always in the skies, which makes it a perfect vast for a night out.

Julie Bar

If you love seeing sexy belly dancers and beer, then head over to Julie Bar. Spending a couple of hours at Julie bar is the best thing you will ever do while spending your money hear. If you love scintillating and mocktails cocktails, as well as beer, then come with a couple of dollars and stay refreshed the whole night if you so wish. Thanks to the loud music and fabulous wines, you will have the best night of your life.

Buzz Pub

Buzz is yet another incredible place to spend your night. The pub is located at the hub of the city center. It is situated opposite the Hai Phong Museum. This is a magnificent gathering spot for the locals to mingle in their stunning traditional dresses. Typically, it is a calm setting with live music performances on the chosen days of the week. If you love coffee or beer, then the Buzz Pub is always ready to welcome you for a good gathering with your friends.

May Pub

The May Pub comes with four separate rooms, three floors, lively DJ music, first floor with a bar, a large room with buffet music, a small room with K-pop, and magical dance lights. If you love your own space, then the third floor is for you. It is spacious enough and comfortable. It is connected to the second floor to allow those who are tired of K-pop to access it. To ensure the atmosphere is conducive for everyone, the pub features 500 square meters of space, refreshing drinks, exceptional light sound, and top-notch assurance. The staff is well-trained, especially in matters of food safety. You will have a memorable experience at May Pub.

Maxim’s Café

The Maxim’s Café is also famous among the locals and foreigners primarily because of its dishes. Other than the food, live music is another factor that makes this place flood every night with tourists. However, it could get quite busy at times, especially at night, but this is usually the best time to interact with the locals, who are very friendly and accommodating

To Relax

If you are one of those people who get excited about the night, and wont to experience some nocturnal entertainment, then make Vietnam travel plans, and include Hai Phong city in your checklist, which is one of the rapid growing cities in the country, famous not only among the locals, but also tourists and expats.

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