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  • Published February 14, 2020
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LED lights have immense benefits for the senior citizens’ circadian rhythm sleep disorder. The LED light is the closest spectral match to the sunlight of any type of light – Old people come from the era of vast lands of sun-soaked fields – providing the safest, healthiest & easiest light to see.

Believe it or not, LED lighting is one of the greatest inventions for every citizen alike. Oh wait, it seems like a stretch compared to things like the telephone, car, and computer, right? Grind the misconception of "Small change doesn’t matter in the bigger scheme of things" to the ground. Contrary to the popular belief "Small change" piles to bigger & better results.

LED (or light-emitting diode) lights have a potential – albeit a grain out of the chunk – to preserve our environment and our health as more people embrace these in their homes.

Its positive effects are including, but not limited to, reducing headaches, nausea, mood disorders, stress, vision loss, and eyestrains. Enough beating around the bush, let’s cut from the wild goose chase to the benefits of LED lighting for senior citizens.

Sleep Disorder

The normal aging process is a continuous phenomenon in life. Along with the physical changes, our sleep patterns also start varying. Senior citizens have a difficult time falling asleep and more trouble staying asleep as compared to younger people.

Have you heard of the myth, Sleep needs wane with age? Dismiss it, ASAP!

Research: A Survey exhibited that our sleep requirements remain the same throughout our adulthood stage.

So, the question arises, what keeps seniors awake? Circadian Rhythm! It not only coordinates the timing of our bodily functions but, also our sleep pattern.

A circadian rhythm sleep disorder can also be defined as an evolved sleep phase syndrome. The grounds for these changes in sleep and circadian rhythms has lots to do with light angle exposure. The treatment of advanced sleep phase syndrome can typically be treated with constant usage of healthy light at night time.

Memory Power

Light therapy works best for preserving memory span. The brain part controlling our wake-sleep cycle is called the suprachiasmatic nucleus. Our sleep cycle can sometimes get out of order.

An example? Jet-lag, and how we feel when it happens. The healthy day-night light cycle – shift to a new time zone – automatically corrects our jet-lag.

Neglecting the minor symptoms, in a long-haul, can ensue in sleep disorders that are often correlated. LED light therapy helps in restoring a more natural sleep pattern. Healthy light bulbs have a huge aptitude to minimize symptoms of it.

Research: It is indicated that lighting can help stabilize hormonal cycles and circadian rhythms of the senior citizens, which are likely to fall out of sync with age.

LED Lighting provides cool light throughout the day and warm light at night, which can help people get a restful night’s sleep, improve memory function, sleep less during the day, eradicate irritability, and increase participation in daily activities.

Circadian rhythm LED Lighting helps alleviate symptoms of once & for all.

Vision Impairment

Did You Know: Vision loss has increased by 30% within 10 years.

Senior citizens with visual impairments risk social isolation as well as less community participation. The constant usage of the best energy-efficient light bulbs can minimize visual loss over time.

The glare created by streetlights and lights in other public places can be overwhelming for senior citizens, but especially to those among them who are visually impaired. LED lights provide a valuable lighting system with less glare for both public and private spaces. They can also help to light the way for people who rely on well-lit public areas in order to get around with greater ease.

LED lighting for the treatment of vision impairment is growing in popularity. The phasing out of incandescent bulbs has resulted in more accessible circadian rhythm LED lighting. It is 25% more durable than incandescent lights, are energy-efficient, and are reliable in harsh weather conditions.

Chronic Pain

Tension-type headache is the most common diagnosis among senior citizens. Geriatric headache syndromes including hypnic headache or occipital neuralgia are also recurring incidents among the elderly.

LED light therapy ideas might seem appealing, especially if you’ve tried your fair share of medications and one-and-done remedies.

Note: Researchers do not encourage or advise people to stop their medications without speaking with a professional first.

However, the green LED lights are something new to ask your physician about, although that is backed by recent research studies as being effective.

A Secret Trick: Green Led lighting – in low-intensity – works like a charm in chronic pain reduction and migraine severity over time. It’s inexpensive enough and convenient enough not to pass up if the possibility of lessened pain is in the equation.

Researched Fact: In 2016 in a well-sought after journal, the green LED lighting was stated as the cause of reduced pain intensity by 20% for senior citizens.

Wrapping Up

Is LED light a Health Savior? Yes, the invention of LED lights can be summed up into an undeniable fact: It mitigated the gaps and spikes issues in color of fluorescents and incandescent, as well by the common flickering and hum of fluorescents.

LED lighting increases well-being & proven to be beneficial in healthcare environments. LED is a smart, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting to make your life brighter – and safer.

No one has to reduce their life quality due to the inability of seeing well. With LED light bulbs in your home, you can live safely and comfortably, even when age-related vision issues are looming over your head.

If you have further queries or suggestions regarding the benefits of LED lights in senior citizens’ health, please share it with us!

Afshan Basher Aly is a guest blogger with a passion for health and wellness topics. She regularly writes about the benefits of circadian lighting, and the benefits of Brilli lighting – a USA based wellness company.

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