Migrating to Russia - All you need to know

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  • Published February 26, 2020
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Russia is part of the European countries we have on this planet. However, it’s located in the Eastern Europe region and its territory stretches through Northern Asia. The official language there is Russian and the commonly used foreign language in Russia is English.

I've recently come across so many foreigners thinking of residing permanently in Russia due to one reason or another. However, there are lot of benefits on migrating to Russia. Let me start by first outlining some of the benefits you gain living or residing in Russia.

Benefits of Living in Russia

  1. Russia is known to be a very safe country to live in. Their government try every means to provide safety of their residence. Also, some say because Russians have a nuclear weapon, so no one try to seize or destroy it.

  2. Russia has a very huge landmark. It’s known to be one of the biggest countries in the globe. However, the nature in Russia is very beautiful.

  3. Russia is a good destination for tourism. Many foreigners do go on a trip to Russia to tour so many beautiful places in Russia.

  4. Diverse ethic group as there are over 100 ethic groups in Russia. You get to learn from different cultural practices.

  5. The public transportation system in Russia is very much developed in such that any residence of Russia can actually do without a car and still complete their daily task.

  6. Cellular networks, data subscription and internet connection is cheap to access in Russia compared to so many European countries out there.

  7. They’ve lot of quality and free education provisions in Russia.

  8. There medical facilities over there are well facilitated. Also, they provide residence with the best healthcare services.

Now you know some of the great benefit of living in Russia. It should serve as a reason to migrate to Russia.

Migrating to Russia

Now, you may want to migrate to Russia for tourism purpose, there are ways to get your travel visa.

Firstly, you'll need the tourist voucher Russia. This voucher is more like an invitation letter that gives you or opens door for Russian visa collection.

If you wish to migrate to Russia for study purpose, then you will need to apply for a student visa and for foreigners who wish to work in Russia needs to apply for a work permit. However, citizens or permanent residence of EU countries don’t need to pass through this hectic process as Russia is part of the European countries, so you enjoy same benefits as them.

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