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  • Published March 18, 2020
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Choosing a floor option for your new home, renovation or extension build is no simple matter. As well being one of the most practical and functional elements of your new space, it can also be one of the most visually impactful.

We’re not saying that you need to invest in the most expensive flooring options. Simply matching your home design with the available floor options on the market is enough to achieve synergy, whether you opt for tiles, vinyl or concrete.

Measure your space

Before you get started, make sure you have a rough idea of how much floor space you are trying to cover. The cost of installing any type of floor for a 40 square metre apartment will be much different to that of a 2000 square metre apartment – even if you go with one of the more affordable options.

When dealing with contractors and asking for quotes, knowing the exact measurement of your intended floor will be extremely useful.

If you’re looking for hardwood installation, vinyl suppliers or floor leveling compound in Bristol, there should be several firms willing to offer you a quick quote based on your project details.


Vinyl is one of the most popular floor options in kitchens due to its water resilience and adaptable style, which can match almost any home design. However, due to these very same properties and the material’s affordability, it is commonly used in many other rooms of the house too.

As well as long sheets covering the entire floor surface seamlessly, it is available in tiles or planks and can be tailored to create different designs or patterns, much like ceramic tiles. One of the biggest drawbacks for vinyl is it contains toxic substances which are harmful to the environment when burned.

Natural wood

Natural hardwood in its various forms, such as walnut, oak and cherry aren’t the exactly the most resilient flooring materials. However, depending on your taste, they are arguably the most beautiful flooring option available.

If your home design is rustic or cosy, then the warm tones of natural wood are perfect for creating the right atmosphere in your space. Perfect also for classic home designs, hardwood continues to be popular despite its vulnerability to scratches and liquid stains.

Liquid screed

Liquid screed and other concrete floor options are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK. As well as offering superior durability and strength, they work fantastically with industrial style home designs or minimal layouts where the smooth, grey hues of the concrete create a luxurious surface that works with so many home décor styles.

There are a growing number of contractors and firms who can offer reliable liquid screed services today, including floor preparation and leveling compound in Bristol. With varying styles and finishes, these floors can be installed in dark or light tones with excellent smoothness throughout the entire floor, even for larger spaces.

Liquid screed is also great when paired with underfloor heating systems. Due to the even flat surface which can be applied in extremely thin layers, it allows heat to spread effectively throughout the floor’s surface and up into the spaces above, improving thermal efficiency and reducing energy consumption.


Not every home can pull off marble, but if you’re trying to create something where style, class and luxury are paramount (and if you have the budget), marble is a go-to option. This material can also be used for walls and counters to create a seamless and consistent look, which is great for kitchen and bathrooms.

While these floors are generally high strength and durable, if you are subjecting it to any heavy impacts from large objects or machinery, it is possible that your marble floor will develop cracks.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are a favourite for more quirky and artsy home design styles, as well as traditional styles that mimic period architecture. If you use decent grout and sealant, you’ll also benefit from highly resilient and durable qualities that will usually stand the test of time.

Liquid Screed offers reliable and professional floor screed and preparation services throughout the UK with reliable contractors and friendly customer-focused staff. They offer leveling compound in Bristol and other cities. Liquid Screed continues to excel with attention to detail applied to every floor screed project.

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