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Everest base camp trek is undoubtedly the most exciting and popular treks of the world. The trek leads to the historic way to the world’s tallest mountain. Humans are so connected to nature and mountains from a very early age. Especially, the mountains that stand tall and shine in every circumstance. And there is no more pleasure than standing in a place surrounded by such enormous beauty. I’m sure the great this trek is in the wish list of many people. For, there is no other heavenly way to explore the hidden beauty.

The magnificent journey is filled with the sizzling mountains, green hills, beautiful flowers, dense forests and many more. It is highly rich in natural beauty and bio-diversity. Known as the most popular and dangerous trek, the trip is a must-visit place for every single individual. The beautiful sceneries of mountains, rare plants, and wildlife’s, green and pollution-free environment are enough to add memories to your life. This trek will provide you the exclusive stunning view of the great Mount Everest. The hospitality and company of world-famous Sherpa people and cultural diversity of various ethnic groups have made this place even more heavenly and exotic.

Followings are some of the reasons why EBC trek should be your next destination:

  1. The adventurous flight to Lukla

The flight to the amazing Lukla is an adventure in itself. Also Known as Tenzing-Hillary Airport, it is considered one of the most dangerous airports in the world. It is situated at the elevation of 2860 meters. It lies only 9500 meters above the sea level making it even more dangerous. Being on such is an exciting adventure on its own. The Lukla airport is surrounded by the green hills. Your journey to the amazing Everest Base Camp begins already when you enter the Lukla Airport.

Being in this Lukla Airport will only make you feel so confident and happy. You can explore the hidden beauty of this dangerous yet heavenly place.

2.The base of World’s tallest mountain

Mount Everest is the historic mountain. Conquering this mountain has been the dream and ambition of many. It is not only associated with the adventure but also with the achievement. But it is not possible for everyone to climb this tallest Mountain and be on the top. However, you can still fulfill your dream by being at the base of this amazing Mountain. There is no other beauty like this and nothing else can boost your self-confidence like this journey.

You get to set your name among the only few people who aren’t scared of risks. Those people who dare to make their life much more meaningful.

3.Explore the Sherpa Culture

Sherpa’s are famous worldwide. They are the ones who guide you through these heavenly mountains. They are the ethnic group that has made Nepal proud ever since a long time. Their leadership style known as Sherpa leadership is famous and is even studied in different universities. By being at the Everest Base Camp, you get to explore the Sherpa culture as well. The daily lifestyle of these and various other ethnic groups is definitely a new experience for you. Also, such experience will broaden your horizon of thinking and expectations from life.

  1. A mixture of culture, adventure, and natural beauty

There is no other place like Nepal. this The journey to this amazing place goes through the routes full of temples, monasteries, forests, bio-diversity and many more. People of different cultural and ethnic groups are always there to serve you. There are mountains and green hills and a sizzling landscape around the area. Surrounded by natural beauty and the rich culture, you will never want to leave the place.

It‘s a complete blend of culture, beauty and adventure, and all in one place.

5.Namche Bazaar

Another major attraction of this region is the beautiful Namche Bazaar. This is a small city filled with people of different cultures and ethnicity. It provides the most amazing views of the sizzling mountains. It is a beautiful destination where you don’t even want to close your eyes for once. Namche Bazaar is rich in spectacular views of the snowy White Mountains, accompanied by the green hills and terraces. It has been the best spot for many tourists getting towards Everest Base Camp.

You can also buy the souvenir for your journey and keep it with you always, from Namche Bazaar.

They say if you want to make your life more beautiful, invest in experiences, not on materials. And visiting trek will make you feel like you have uplifted your life in many ways.

Major routes using for trekking

Now lets us provide you the clear and concise Gokyo lake Trek Guide. There are some of the major routes, by which you can get to the area. However, the route you take depends on the total days of your journey, the expenses you can afford and your health conditions.

Above are the main highlgihts of Everest trekking.

Above the Himalaya trekking arrange treks and tour in Nepal Himalaya.


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