How Blockchain can Help fight Climate Change and Save the Environment

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  • Author Giorgi Mikhelidze
  • Published March 17, 2020
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If you haven’t noticed by now, negative and alarming news about climate change has been getting more and more frequent. If not every day, we get some kind of disconcerting news about climate change every single week now.

The data that scientists have been using as a frame of reference for predicting the climate change has simply proven to be incompatible, as there are, and always were, thousands of factors that we can’t have realistically accounted for. This is precisely the reason why some of the changes that have been predicted to happen way far ahead into the future are already taking place today, way faster than predicted. This is one of the main reasons why such a large amount of mass hysteria is taking over the world. No matter race, gender, nationality or political alignment, it’s very hard to find someone who’ll argue against the fact that climate is definitely changing for the worst, and it’s changing fast.

The amount of fires that have taken place only in 2019 is mind-blowing. Everyone is aware of what happened in Amazon and how long it took for the situation to come to a relative pacification. The size of the forest that was burned is absolutely mind-blowing, and so is the amount of damage to the environment that ensued. Beyond that, we had also witnessed one of the biggest fires in Australian history where over 1 billion animals died. To top it all off, there also were huge fires in Siberia, Russia, and it was so bad that they couldn’t even attempt to fight it until it reached the territories where it could be worked with.

These fires, increasingly warm temperatures and melting ice all around the world is not a coincidence. It’s all connected to the changes that are a direct result of human interaction with the planet and its natural resources, as well as our technology and production processes that leave a very large carbon footprint.

We’re directly responsible for every change that occurs due to our way of being, and it’s our duty to come up with solutions. With such an unexpected, unpredictable and unordinary turn of events, extraordinary and creative measures need to be taken and implemented to combat these changes. Blockchain technology has shown some great potential to become one of these extraordinary solutions to the problem. Blockchain, in recent times, has been discussed and regarded as one of the most potentially helpful technologies to combat and alleviate climate change. Let’s look at some of the specific ways it can be used for this purpose.

How can Blockchain help increase efficiency?

Today, even some of the most commonly used and far-reaching energy networks are extremely outdated, overly power-consuming and centralized. As the need for more energy and power increases, more power plants and other energy sources need to be built, while simultaneously working in harmony with the older ones. This leaves a lot of security flaws and opens up opportunities for cyber attacks. Broad implementation of blockchain technology would be ideal in this case.

According to the Bitcoin Revolution team, an AI blockchain trading robot, the integration of blockchain in all sectors and fields will lead to an increased general level of efficiency and decreased carbon footprint. As an actual example, solar panels and wind turbines can be automatically harmonized with each other to balance and match their exact energy requirements at hand, leading to a scenario where no energy would be wasted. This will also provide some very accurate measuring tools for increased statistical analysis.

The development of blockchain technologies, coupled with the advancements in the relevant computer software, can eventually lead to the point where AI can measure and determine exactly how efficient systems are in specific factors, after which it can make necessary adjustments as needed. With sophisticated AI technology like Google’s DeepMind, weather and wind turbine data may be used to predict energy generation reasonably accurately.

As the world becomes increasingly more digitized and the demand for technological advancements naturally increases, it is exactly measures like these, like increased efficiency and optimization, that will play the biggest role in combating climate change and eliminating as much environmental damage as possible.

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Info Prisoner · 3 years ago
Awesome post. Blockchain is a technology of future

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