5 must-see countries in 2020

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  • Published April 14, 2020
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Experts have raked the entire planet in search of destinations that should not be missed in the months to come. Unforgettable experiences, new trends, renewal for some or places still unknown to tourists, discover the 5 countries of our Best of 2020.

  1. Bhutan

A dozen nations claim to be the true earthly paradise, but Bhutan's claim carries more weight than others. This little piece of Himalayan paradise practices a strict tourism policy of "high profits for a minimum impact", making tourists pay a high daily rate only to be able to go to its mountains embalmed with pines and punctuated by monasteries. The advantage for the visitor is to be able to take preserved mountain trails, untouched by rubbish, and to meet a people who, thanks to their Buddhist beliefs, have a unique connection with their environment. Bhutan is boxing well above its category in the field of sustainable development: it is already the only country in the world to have a negative carbon footprint, and the kingdom will become the first entirely organic nation in 2020: it can only embellish . In addition, this daily package should limit the number of tourists.

  1. England

Formerly the first line of defense against invaders, the English coast is now peaceful: locals and visitors can carry out more peaceful activities there. Take an invigorating walk on a windswept pier, savor a good fish & chips, admire the marine fauna in the puddles left by the tide, discover the fossils of ancient cliffs, build sandcastles or spot dolphins from beaches picturesque are just some of the activities to do on the English coast. This will be made all the easier since the England Coast Path, the longest coastal path in the world, will be inaugurated in 2020, which should give access for the first time to the entire coast of the country.

  1. North Macedonia

The "Best of" list often celebrates birthdays and airport openings. Celebrating the new name of a country is quite rare. However, this will be the case in North Macedonia, often simply called Macedonia, which adopted this new name after decades of political controversy with neighboring Greece. The agreement, signed in 2018, was a comforting moment of good neighborliness and changed the international image of this small nation in the heart of the Balkans. It is already renowned for its gastronomy, culture and traditions, but adventurers and culture enthusiasts will find other reasons to go there in 2020, with new air connections to Lake Ohrid and the very recent "High Scardus Trail ", a 495 km trek trail that goes through the most spectacular peaks in the region.

  1. Aruba

In the south of Aruba, the cultural center of San Nicolas (Sint Nicolaas), also called Sunrise City, sees color and creation resurface, thanks to local and international artists who decorate its walls and to spontaneous carnivals prolonging the cheerful atmosphere of its annual festivities. Equally important and worth celebrating, the transition of the whole country to 100% renewable energy in 2020 and the total ban on single-use plastics (bring your gourd, tap water is drinkable) and sunscreens, which destroy corals. With lots of experiences and new accommodation in shared accommodation, a more authentic, more affordable and more sustainable Aruba awaits you, beyond palm trees and pristine beaches.

  1. eSwatini (Swaziland)

Small, charming, rich in culture, adventure and fantastic wildlife, ancient Swaziland, now known as the kingdom of eSwatini, is one of the most overlooked (and least visited) destinations in Southern Africa. A new international airport and better road infrastructure between it, the reserves and the capital aim to increase the number of visitors in the years to come. Go there in 2020 to make sure you're among the first. The diversity of the landscapes of its parks and reserves offers one surprise after another, whether ziplines, trekking, whitewater rafting or breathtaking encounters with rhinos. Add an atmosphere full of serenity and exciting cultural festivals, and you will have a smile until your return.

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