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Never lifted a truck before? Then you must be overwhelmed with so many options available around, starting from leveling kit, suspension lift, life spacer to lift kit.

Whether you want to amplify the performance or make the truck look better, the right height is significant for your vehicle. It allows you to use large tires and wheels without hitting or scouring against the fenders.

If you are a truck owner, then the two most popular option for you is the leveling kit and lift kit. In today's article, we will talk about the difference between these two and also review some products available in the market.

Lift kit and leveling kits are two popular methods of adding height to a truck. The difference between them is subtle but crucial. Let's get into the details.

Leveling Kit

Usually, the back end sitting of a truck remains a little higher than the front so that the rear end doesn't bend down when the truck is loaded with a heavyweight. It gives a nose-down look to the trucks.

But many truck owners do not like this. They prefer their truck to have a leveled look. If you are more concerned about the look, you might want to add a leveling kit. A leveling kit can correct this nose-down style by bringing the front of the truck up to meet the rear.

A small lift around 1-2″ is added to the front end to reduce that forward rake of the truck. This subtle change can make a big difference in the stance and helps to fit bigger tires as well. A spacer is added on top of the struts or coil springs to raise the front end of the truck by about 2 inches for a flush and even look.

Leveling kits include spring spacers, strut extensions, lift blocks, and some extended length shocks. These are not as expensive as easy to install.


• consistent look for your truck

• Restore balance to your truck

• easy install

Lift Kit

Lift kits raise the height of your entire truck off the ground by putting blocks and spacers between the body and the frame. It can provide a lift of around one to three inches. These kits can contain spacer or block kits, springs, shocks, control arms, steering components, etc.

You can climb even higher if you alter your suspension.

There are two different options for lift kits-

• body lift

• Suspension lift.

Body lifts:

These are affordable and easy to install. They cannot increase the overall clearance of your truck. It can create havoc down the line for your suspension.

Suspension lift:

On the other hand, suspension lifts are costly and tricky to install. But they're durable and provide extra clearance.


• Elevates your whole truck

• prepares your truck for the steep angles and rough terrain

• provides an awesome off-roading experience

• accommodate much bigger tires

• gives better traction and handling

Lift Kit vs. Leveling Kit

A Leveling Kit can only lift the front of the truck while a Lift Kit raises both the front and rear of the truck. You can maintain your stock parts as well with a leveling kit.

Which one do you need?

It depends on how much height you want and where do you need it. A leveling kit can give a level stance as well as front clearance for larger tires. But if you want to put much bigger tires and even more ground clearance for off-roading, then go for a lift kit.

Top Five Lift/Level Kits Available in the market

Rough Country Leveling Kit

If you are looking for both enhanced off-road performance and style, then go for this product.

It has a 2.5-inch suspension kit. It can level the front and rear of your tires and are designed to fit in a standard truck's strut hat.

It includes strut extensions, lift blocks, U-bolt for the front, and two N3 shock absorbers for enhanced off-road performance.

Ready Lift Leveling Kit:

The Ready Lift Leveling Kit needs no cutting or modifications on your factory equipment. It does not need any swapping from side to side. There is no need for extended ball joints. This is the most cost-effective kit to level your vehicle. It can work with oversized wheel and tire combinations easily.

Superlight Lift Kit

The exciting thing about this Superlight Lift Kit is that it does not alter your steering or handling. This kit raises your truck for a sleek look and accommodate larger wheels and tires.

Daystar, Toyota FJ Cruiser 2.5″ Lift Kit

This kit has a raising capacity of 2.5 inches and a torsion key system that can adjust the lift height. It provides sufficient space for 37-inch tires. It can significantly improve your vehicle's handling and stability.

The kit includes a 0.6-inch sway bar and body mounts. It is compatible with 2007 to 2014 2/4WD and all transmissions.

True Two Suspension Lift

The TrueTwo Suspension lift kit has two pairs of spacers. This pair of front and rear spacers offer 2.5 inches of lifting when paired with socket isolators.

It is one of the cheapest suspension kits available for Jeeps. It provides enough room for a 35 inch tore and can be installed easily and quickly.

Final Thought

The Rough Country Leveling Kit is a premium leveling kit. We will recommend this one because it can maintain a smooth ride on all road conditions.

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