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  • Published April 17, 2020
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"Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame."

  • G.K. Chesterton

Custom Frame like an Egyptian in San Diego

The framing art has been around since Nero fiddled with Rome, somewhere between A.D. 50 to 70. To that point, a beautifully preserved, wood-framed portrait was discovered in an Egyptian tomb. I guess you could say besides the adept art of stacking giant stones, the Egyptians gave us a way to display art that remains fundamentally unchanged for well over one thousand years.

To frame or not to frame

Collectors of fine art, and artist themselves, understand how important framing is. A poorly framed photograph or painting can diminish, or worse, detract from the beauty the artist intended.

Plastic, metal or wood, oh my

Prefabricated picture frames come in a variety of sizes and materials and can range in price from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars. If budget is a consideration, you may find the cheaper materials affordable, but underwhelming.

Bobby, Felicia or Mona Lisa

Is this a professional photo, an iPhone shot, or are these pictures that might be replaced periodically, such as children’s graduation photos or family vacations?

If the answer is yes, then DIY framing may do the trick. However, if it’s something you cherish and plan on handing down, consider bringing your masterpiece to an expert.

Does matting matter?

There are many choices to mats, like color, shapes, texture, and visual impact. You may feel the mat may detract from the art, but aside from its visual impact, matting serves more practice purposes.

Prints, due to moisture, can sometimes stick to the glass causing a transfer of color or image. Suddenly your numbered print is devalued due to damage. The mat provides space for air to circulate between the glass and the image. Mats also keep the artwork or photo flat, hide any material used to keep the art in place, and allow the work to be handled without damage.

Is a pro the way to go?

Maybe a better question to ask is: how much does this work mean to you? Perhaps you're framing a personal photo or pictures taken by a professional photographer and these hold sentimental value. Will the historical photographic timeline of your family be passed from generation to generation? Then it would be wise to visit a professional framer to ensure years of enjoyment.

Picasso a frame for me

It is definitely wise to professionally frame numbered prints, original watercolors, oils or any work of art that was bought as an investment. Preserving the beauty and condition of your pieces in their original condition is not only prudent, but essential.

Knowledge is king

Another benefit to hiring a professional is they'll have the latest knowledge on framing. Their expertise includes knowing which materials to use (and more importantly, not use), and principles of shape, color and design. These are the pros best able to advise you in choosing a framing style that will compliment your art.

Custom framers in San Diego have specific skills and access to materials not widely available to department stores, home goods outlets or the general public, including special tools and techniques. A hands-on approach will ensure a quality job and customer satisfaction.

Bottom line is, your investment in art or family heirloom needs preservation and protection, which professional framers can handle. Your art deserves to be treasured for years to come.

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