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  • Published April 19, 2020
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Microsoft is a world-renowned operating system that millions of companies and individuals utilize to handle tasks and business operations. Over the years, Microsoft Windows has continually developed new apps and technologies and have refined their platform to keep up with the changing needs of the world.

Aspiring IT job candidates should consider getting certified in Microsoft, though there are several to choose from. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and wondering what your best option is, let’s look at 3 Microsoft certifications that are in the top tier and can get you on the path to your dream career.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

Being able to handle processes that are related to Windows Server programs and software is a coveted skill that businesses are looking for in professionals applying for jobs in the tech industry. There are several exams that prove your knowledge and expertise in Windows programs, including the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate exam. With this exam, professionals are able to successfully manage databases and perform maintenance of servers. In some cases, you may need to take several courses related to Windows Server in order to ensure that you have all the knowledge needed to be considered a qualified applicant.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 certifications, such as the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900) Exam, establish a solid baseline of foundational knowledge that can be expanded upon with further experience and certifications.

Candidates with this certification will know the ins and outs of Microsoft 365 and be able to operate and manage programs as well as troubleshoot problems that may occur. Taking and passing the MS-900 Microsoft certification exam and other tests demonstrating knowledge in Microsoft software, your chances of moving ahead in the IT world increase significantly.

Customer Engagement

When taking the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Core (beta) (MB-200) Exam, professionals will demonstrate their knowledge of how to model data, create Microsoft Flows, identify platform components, and more. There is a lot of information presented on this certification test, so many individuals opt to study beforehand using Microsoft Dynamics MB-200 exam questions from verified sources. By reviewing information using Microsoft Dynamics MB-200 exam questions that are relevant to the latest version of the test, candidates are sure to get a passing score and continue their journey into the tech world.

The IT world can be competitive and fierce, so candidates should strive to make themselves stand out from others. One of the most effective ways to do this is by getting certified in Microsoft software and programs that are related to your chosen field of expertise. By doing so, you show potential employers that you have the knowledge and skills needed to increase productivity and be a positive asset to the company.

There are numerous certifications to choose from, which makes it difficult for some professionals to choose which area they should focus on. Of the exams available, some of the top certifications to consider include the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate exam, Microsoft 365 exams, and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Core exam.

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