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Looking for the perfect jewelry gift for your wife and still not able to narrow down your search? Well, look no further. We have put together the best gift ideas that will fit to your budget and hopefully would be liked by her. Whether it's an anniversary gift, birthday gift or any other special moment, surprise her with a gift that symbolizes your love for her!

To take this further, nothing is as stunning a gift that will sparkle for years to come and a piece of diamond stands true for the statement.

You can choose from a variety of diamonds shapes studded in different metals ranging from gold to platinum as per the budget. What more, you can even add an engraving of her name or a love message into the metal to make it more personal with a something to remember for life!

Jewelry types:

Jewelry ranges from a beautiful pearl necklace for neck, solitaire ring for her rings, bracelets, traditional jewelry items, a watch, studs or earrings

Before you actually start looking for any particular type of item, just try to recall if she ever told you about any particular jewelry or she shared with any of her friend about that diamond she likes the most. Firs try to figure out those outcomes, as people love those gifts the most which they ever wished for! So, don’t miss the opportunity to fulfill her wish and saying "I Love you".

Statement Necklace:

Statement Necklaces comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes. What makes them unique is their bold look.

Look for a bold look of the necklace that will give your lady’s wardrobe and extra special touch.

This sort of necklaces comes in different range to suits your budget. Moreover, it can be worn during small to large events depending on the dress to complement it to.

Designer watch:

Due to advancements in the mobile devices, analog watches are somewhat losing on the race. But this does not mean that watches are no more into the market or not even purchased by people now a days.

Even after the people started a shift to more and more expensive mobiles, watches are still in trends.

"Unlike diamonds, watches were practical. They were for people on the run, people with appointments to keep and schedules to meet."– Jeannette Walls

Vintage jewelry:

Idea is worth considerable! Vintage jewelry has been there for a long time and can be seen in today’s era too. The designs used during that era are not manufactured on masses now a days but the quality of craftsman does not exist anymore today. Craftsman, in that era used more innovative and based on gemstones which are not found in modern jewelry such as topaz, onyx and opal.

Handmade Jewelry:

Gemstones are forever in style and handmade gemstone jewelry has its own class. They look classy and beautiful and have their own aura when added to a ring or a necklace.

Moreover, the best part is, these gemstones can be matched with a variety of dresses and gives a soothing yet elegant looks to match your mood.

Look no further, if your lady ever dreamed of any such stone just go and get it right now without looking further!

Diamond or gemstone necklaces:

Necklaces, further are available in different forms to satisfy the mood and different ways to express your love.

It can be blended with a beautiful piece of diamond to sparkle forever or as a unique gemstone to make her feel so special and unique like the gemstone.

Further, you can also put a taste of religion by adding "cross" to express your religious sentiments; which can be studded with diamonds.

PRO TIP – Always keep the skin tone into consideration while choosing.

Diamond bracelets:

Women already have some stock of bracelets to their wardrobe. They are usually worn alone or adding with some other stack of bracelets. Diamond bracelets add a grace to the overall look and makes the girl feel good every time she notices the beautiful piece of diamond. Also, let me tell you one more thing - Girls love to flaunt their jewelry and having one on their hand will keep the momentum always high!

Matching diamond studs:

Diamond earrings is what works always. You can go for it anytime without thinking much about it. Style, exclusivity, craftsmanship and everything is associated with the earring to make the lady feel special on every occasion.

Not only this you can add mismatch on purpose. For example, you can either but a letter for one ear and heart shape for the other. You can even purchase earring having the initials or full name of her.

Stackable Rings:

You can always gift her a stack of rings she always wanted to be a part of her wardrobe. Expensive jewelry can not be worn as a part of daily day-to-day life. Girls wish to have stackable rings as a part of her jewelry which is less expensive and can be worn without much worry.

Also, these can be matched with a variety of wardrobes and can be put on or off as per the color of dresses.

These are available in diamonds rings, different gemstones or even a combination.

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