How to reset iCloud account if forgot password?

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  • Published June 4, 2020
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As we know that, iCloud is the storage of data where digital data is stored at the remote servers. The service was launched in the year 2011 and has been used by millions of users which facilitates direct and wireless backup of iOS devices.

You may have stored some important pictures, videos or messages at iCloud and the case of non-availability of the access to your account can be a problematic thing but the problem of iCloud password can be resolved by resetting through following ways:

The process that one can use reset iCloud password is given below:

The first step is to go to the Settings and tap or click on the option of forgot Apple Id or Password

Now you will have two options either to enter your Apple ID and click or tap next.

if you forgot the only password but if you forgot both Apple ID and password then you can select the option of Forgot Apple ID.

Now you have to fill the required fields with the name and registered Email address.

A necessary security question will be asked by the service provider to the user to avoid the case of impersonation and then you will have access to your account by resetting the password.

These above steps are to reset iCloud account password. But if you forgot the security question which most people do you can access your account by taking the help of dr.fone toolkit which will enable you to unlock the screen of the iOS device and by selecting Unlock Apple ID.

Also, forgot iCloud password can be recovered by using a two-factor authentication method which will work only when Two-factor authentication method is enabled in your account. If you select this option then you will have two choices either to select the option of a trusted device or to reset the password from another device. The ways mentioned in this article are very helpful to reset the password and for recovering the iCloud account.

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