No Time for a Wartime President Wannabe

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  • Author Christopher Paul Szumilas
  • Published June 13, 2020
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No Time for a Wartime President Wannabe

It's been confusing; this country's (the UNITED States) acceptance of a president with no empathy, morals, honesty, international intellect (or any intellect for that matter), honor; nor any actual sense of “other”.

The GOP has shamelessly abandoned any notion of such attributes mentioned above; instead settling for the continued (and now hoped for) source of political power Donald Trump has provided to date. They were happy to represent only half of this country's citizenry (Trumplodytes), so long as they could use the machinations of our electoral system (Electoral College, gerrymandering) to maintain their status quo as Senate Majority – again, to represent only half the country.

It's been bobbing around in my mind for two years now. Not who, but when? The military leadership (former and current) of this country is finally pushed to its limits of tolerance in seeing the Constitution they hold so dear tossed aside time and again by their “Commander-in-Chief” and his politically (AND morally) wayward Party of Choice. (Remember, the GOP didn't choose Donald Trump. He chose them. Search for GOP Senators' quotes AGAINST Trump's 2016 campaign, who now follow his lead like lemmings migrating to their cliffs.)

He was smart enough to detect the GOP's weaknesses in their lack of true convictions in the name of election victories. He has (quite effectively) manipulated their consciences to the point of near total adherence to his every whim, fancy, tweet and, yes crime (see impeachment / Senate vote).

A narcissist so engaged in himself he openly vied for the moniker of “wartime president” when the pandemic arose. Having failed at that opportunity, he now seeks a second chance.

His problem resides squarely on the reliance of military action and persona. Two major issues jump out in this regard:

Persona. The president avoided military service at all costs; even to the point of, as General Jim Mattis noted, “I earned my spurs on the battlefield. He (Trump) earned his spurs with a letter from a doctor”.

Military Action. These military leaders are loathe to defy the true essence of their promises to protect the Constitution AND protect the people of the United States (not do battle with them).

Trump claimed he “knew more than the Generals” about ISIS and the Taliban. But these leaders are not like GOP political tadpoles – who simply follow their leaders to the next vote, campaign endorsement, or supportive Tweet in whatever local political battle they may be incurring. (“LIBERATE!”)

The key irony here is Trump did in fact have a second chance at some “Wartime-level glory” here. The tragic and world-awakening death of George Floyd presented the Narcissist-in-Chief the opportunity to show another side of his – I'm at a loss here. I could say his “character”. There doesn't seem to be any such credo in his mind that references to character in the positive sense.

But a citizen's death at the hands (knee) of a police officer on the streets of Minneapolis BEGGED for a leader to step forward and take the reins to an international movement that seemed preordained for historical proportions. This cruel event went global in less than a month, with riots and protests worldwide. The moment was there – to spread humanity and compassion and peace to a world audience created DESPITE Trump's indifference to any humane guideposts. He chose “law and order” and “dominate” as his situational campaign slogans, rather than “peace”, “love” or “understanding” as appeals to a national AND international calls for unification in seeking enlightened paths to a “new world”.

It's time for Trump to go. And not so ironically, let the military leaders lead in bringing peace to the world.

June 12, 2020 By Christopher Szumilas ©

U.S. Veteran – with the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) of Public Affairs Officer/Journalist in the 1980s. Meandered through a career which included many roles requiring extensive writing in various formats. Now I'm looking to begin freelancing and have chosen politics as a launching theme in these precarious times.

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