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  • Published July 4, 2020
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Most fashion designers agree on one thing that the little black dress should be part of every woman’s wardrobe. It is one of those timeless fashion trends that never seem to get old. Popularly referred to as LBD, the little black dress has been rocked as much by stars and fashion icons as it has by regular people. But what exactly makes it unique? What’s the history behind it, and how do you make your LBD stand out?

What Makes the Little Black Dress Unique?

The iconic little black dress symbolizes simplicity, style, and effortless elegance. Most women find it to be the ultimate choice when they have urgently dress up for an occasion. Its versatility is another reason why it’s loved. It could be dressed up or dressed down with equally stunning results. The LBD can be as perfect in a formal event as it would in an informal occasion. Whether it’s the office or a ballroom event, a party, or cocktail hour, this dress will still work perfectly.

History of the Little Black Dress

Surprisingly, this dress has been around for a whole century. According to fashion historians, it began in the 1920s as part of the designs by Coco Chanel and Jean Patou. The intention was to create a long-lasting dress that was versatile, affordable, and widely accessible to everyone. It was to be in a neutral color, and black was the ultimate choice because it was rich in symbolism throughout history.

Chanel published it in Vogue in 1926. In the publication, there was a drawing of the dress having long narrow sleeves and a string of pearls as the accessory. Vogue called it “Chanel’s Ford” because it was accessible by women of all social classes.

How to Make Your LBD Stand Out

There are countless ways you can rock in a little black dress. Being a bohemian style, it will always turn heads if done right. Here is how you can customize it to different events and stand out while at it.

1.Statement Accessories

Adding some great accessories will give you a perfect look for the cocktail hour or any other formal event. Add some color with accessories, but do not go overboard. Match it with a pair of fabulous heels, and you are ready for the red carpet.

  1. Funky Jacket or Fun Tights

For an informal look, adding a funky jacket is an easy way to get that perfect look. Pair it up with some casual shoes like boots, and you are good to go. You can also pair the dress with some fun tights for a great informal look if the weather is chilly.

  1. Office Look

To strike the ultimate office look, use a colorful blazer and heels. You can also do a button-up top or blouse with the dress. Keeping the accessories minimal is an excellent way to avoid diluting the office look in the dress.

Final Thoughts

The iconic little black dress is the perfect dress for all your needs. It is simple yet elegant. You can pair it up with other items to create different looks. Get one from Dianic boutique and see how many looks you can pull off with this amazing dress.

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