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Moving is a complicated task for which we are not prepared, but we can entrust it to professionals who can carry us out in a few hours or one day.

We are always a little worried about the course and the result of our moving. We hope that the move will go as expected, and our belongings collected over the years will not be destroyed or lost.

Before we choose the right company for our removals, we must decide what kind of removals we are decided to do.

Most often the type of removal will be decided by our budget.

We must consider whether we will prepare the property for removal on our own or whether we entrust it to a company that undertakes comprehensive services and performs all tasks for us.

When ordering a removal, we must remember that furniture, as well as many other things, are of special value to us and we must ensure that nothing happens to them when they are moved.

Our small items require special packaging and arrangement in cartons so that they are safe during transport and transportation. How to do it ? Simply choose the best company for our order.

How to choose a company and what to consider when making decisions?

It is common to rely on the opinions of our friends who have used the services of a moving company. If no one recommends a particular company to us, we have to ask some questions ourselves. We should ask about the period of existence and acquired experience in moving. We should also ask for her reference list.

When commissioning a move, we should pay attention to such aspects as?

Should you choose a small or large moving company?

The arguments are different; a small company may offer lower prices while maintaining the highest standards, but due to its size there may be a delay in moving.

A large moving company normally insures its operations against any damage during the removal process.

Another aspect that may arise when a small company performs its service is not fully recognizing all its costs. In such a situation, the company tries to renegotiate the price during the service and therefore the contract should be secured against such practices.

Large companies have an extensive offer of cartons for various purposes and other protective measures that reliably protect our property against damage.

You should also ask about the transport of clothing, whether the company has the appropriate cartons for this purpose,

Moving is the most difficult market service and small and large companies dealing with this type of service are aware of this situation.

● Types of removals

Customers can choose between two types of removals.

  • Comprehensive so-called door to door. Full removal service with packaging, transport and unloading.

The company will evaluate all the work and technical needs of the service, determine the team size, type of rolling stock and present the removal price

  • Carriage and lodging.

In this variant, packing and unpacking is the responsibility of the customer. The company will provide us with cartons that we pack. The company's employees carry cardboard boxes and furniture, take them to the place and bring them back. We unpack ourselves.

Before choosing a moving company, there are a few things to consider.

Set a hierarchy of important things that require special care, remember about objects to which you have an emotional relationship.

Consider whether it is worth using the insurance offered by professional companies?

The risk of damage is included in the removal process. It is good to have insurance provided for unexpected events that professional companies have included in the price.

However, the removal company is not responsible for any thefts, and we can take out additional insurance against such thefts.

● Contract

When concluding a written removal agreement, we should make sure that we list all the elements of removal that are important to us.

Having a precise contract, we have a better chance of getting compensation if the company fails to comply with the arrangements made or results in losses caused by the employees of the moving company.

Enriched in this accumulated knowledge, you will consciously choose the best moving firm for you.

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