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  • Published July 7, 2020
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Mary-Belle Kirschner, widely known as Belle Delphine, a 19-year-old UK based cosplayer, gamer girl, model and YouTuber, has over 4.5 million followers on Instagram and almost 4000 patrons on Patreon.

She has been a sensation on social media since she introduced herself back in 2015 on Instagram. Since then, she's entertaining her followers by uploading the content that thirsty gamer boys love to see.

What a World to live in. Years ago, nobody could have to think about sharing the used bathwater. However, in today's age, where social media is prevailing over the human conceptions, you can sell the bathwater for $30 per jar but of course, you need to be charming like Belle Delphine.

Belle Delphine sold her bathwater

A young 19-year old sensation and heartthrob of horny dudes, Belle Delphine announced selling her bathwater back in July. On her official Instagram account, she made this announcement of selling "Gamer Girl Bathwater" for all the thirsty gamer boys over there who admire her beauty.

She already runs a retail site where she sells various products. However, her retail site became famous when she launched a new product, Belle Delphine Bathwater, for her followers. The gamer girl, Belle Delphine uploaded her photo on July 2 to promote a new product.

I feel it odd when people talk about sharing bathwater but it is actually happening after Belle Delphine started selling hers bathwater online. Even, Belle Delphine found it surprising when bath water sold out.

On July 5, she uploaded a video on her official Instagram account where she expressed her surprised feelings as the bathwater actually sold out.

Being admirer for thirsty gamer boys, her new product, "Gamer Girl Bathwater" sold out for $30 a jar within a day. Capering in a tub of water, Belle Delphine promised to sell out more jars in the coming days.

Belle Delphine's Bathwater Controversy

You may wonder what made her selling used bathwater.

Sharing her views on her latest trendy topic, she confessed, "Lots of people used to comment on my photos asking for bathwater as they would drink it. From there, an idea just popped into my head of selling my bathwater."

She did it for her admirers and eventually, her first jar sold her within a day. She promised that she would be selling more in the future.

Her Bathwater doesn't contain Herpes

Right after Delphine's first bathwater post, a new wave of controversy started to spark. On July 7, @BakeRises posted Delphine's picture with a fake headline on Twitter. According to this post, almost 50 people became victims of Herpes after drinking famous cosplayer, Delphine's bathwater.

She responded to this controversy the very next day writing in a post, "Regarding the whole herpes thing, I used to get blisters occasionally since I was a child when there is a change in weather. I haven't had one in a year or two and NO you cannot get it!! About 90% of all people will have one in their lifetime…it's not an STD lol…"

As soon as she uploaded her video of selling bathwater, people began posting the videos claiming her bathwater while drinking and vaping it.

However, most of these videos were fake and that didn't happen actually. However, who knows she would be selling more jars of bathwater to keep entertaining her followers.

Belle Delphine is famous for her posts online, mostly on Instagram. She attracts the attention of all her fans by doing cosplay, and it also has attracted the attention of certain media outlets.

Another reason for her fame on the internet is because she has been following the latest trends and has been targeted by memes on Instagram and Facebook.

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