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  • Published July 18, 2020
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Poker is one of the most popular games, which attracts players for different reasons. Dozens of its variations associate with an intellectual competition, a kind of sport, and good earnings.

International tournaments gather hundreds of players and thousands of fans. At the same time, millions of enthusiasts compete in online poker for bitcoin worldwide.

How to Play Poker with Bitcoin and Win

The aim of poker is to get the bankroll with the help of the highest-scoring hand which consists of 2-5 cards. You should collect one of ten combinations during several rounds and then reveal cards.

Useful Hints to Get Online Poker Skills

If you want to earn playing poker you should master the self-discipline and develop the habits:

Record your games. Make notes or keep tracking the details of each game. Specify the date, name, duration, result, win rate, hands number. Reviewing and analyzing strong points and weaknesses helps to understand and develop your abilities.

Study poker theory and keep training. The more you learn about poker tactics, the greater is a winning chance. New poker trends may become useful.

Play within the bankroll. Stay a responsible gambler, play smart stakes without deposit cost overrun. Enlarge bet limits and buy-in levels when you used to win at your current stakes.

Keep the focus on the game. Distracted players more often make mistakes playing long-termed sessions online. A serious game may be boring when you fold or are not in the hand, but you should concentrate on the way of others’ playing style.

Never play many tables at the time. In theory, online multi-tabling has a tempting chance to smooth out the low or zero odds (or variance) to win. But poker practice tends to show lower return on investment when you are not a professional.

Take Your Best Poker Position

You shouldn’t undervalue the benefits coming from the online and live table positions. As it is the button which moves a hand, a player receives a chance to play from any available place:

  • early position, which means the two blinds and the player left to the Big Blind (under the gun). Though it provides no information about the players, it isn’t a bad place at the online poker table;

  • middle position with the next couple or three places at the table. It may turn the worst place together with under the gun seat for live tournaments;

  • late position, near the button (the cutoff), or two players right to the button (the hijack). Hijack will be an advantage in short-handed games for no-limit hold'em gamblers.

Playing in a late position increases the chance of rewards. It allows:

  • taking free cards;

  • controlling the pot amount;

  • calculating pot odds;

  • predicting the opponent’s action.

Importance of Online Poker Strategy

Poker rules are easy and take minutes to learn. Poker theory learning doesn’t guarantee fixed factors of long-term success. It gives a basic understanding of gambling. In order to win real money, you are to study hard and develop a strategy.

Poker may take a lifetime to master. Sharp memory, patience, logical reasoning, calculation of probabilities are the assets in it. Poker strategy involves mathematics, psychology, intuition, putting all your skills to the test for long-term winnings.

The Virtues of Online Poker Bitcoin Provides

Bitcoin being a decentralized cryptocurrency provides an easier way of depositing and betting along with heightened anonymity. The strong points of playing with bitcoin are:

  • immediate transactions;

  • faster payouts;

  • avoidance of FX fees, taxes, bank commissions.

The pace of the tables (multi-table tournaments) will be faster with crypto bets. You will have only 10-15 seconds to make your move.

The next good thing with a crypto casino is the bonuses and cashback on the losses. Bitcoin casino offers access to tournaments with massive prize pools and no-limit bets.

Top Five Online Poker Bitcoin Games

  1. Texas Hold'em, which is the popular online two-card poker version.

  2. Caribbean Poker (Oasis Poker) five-card poker version.

  3. Multihand Poker, multiple hands poker with five cards.

  4. Five Draw Poker, a traditional game with 20 cards deck.

  5. Trey Poker, which allows three-card combinations.

Bet Safe with Bitcoin Online

You’ll get numerous benefits playing poker with bitcoin in the right bitcoin sites. Note, that gaming security should remain a top priority for gamblers. That is the reason to choose a licensed crypto casino with provably fair slots as a sign of fair play.

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