Part 2 -YOU TUBE’s Untapped Value In Resident-Contractor Relations

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Part 2 - YOU TUBE’s Untapped Value In Resident-Contractor Relations

We always want to make the best decisions about those we hire to help out with our home maintenance and improvement needs. But did we know, that of all other values offered via You Tube, that it is also a useful resource for knowing more about how contractors work?

How You Tube Helps

Let us assume we need our driveway repaired. We go to You Tube to search “Driveway Repair Fraud.” Naturally, some will raise the question about searching for “Driveway Repair Fraud.” Why that? Here is the reason:

You Tube videos depicting home fraud events are largely avoided. This is confirmed by low number of views among most related videos. However, there are millions of private home heads in the U.S. who are You Tube viewers. The low views represent low interest among these residents who would otherwise benefit. Through mention of visit to You Tube to search “Driveway Repair Fraud,” the intent is to encourage more private home heads to purposefully view related videos for invaluable information. Such information can be useful toward avoiding an identical situation.

We Empathize

As we search You Tube for “Driveway Repair Fraud,” there are rows of examples which we can capitalize on through learning exactly what occurred in a video which made victims vulnerable to contractor improprieties. In knowing precisely what contractors said, seeing the flawed results, it is no longer “just another case of home fraud,” - instead, we empathize with the victim i.e., we feel the disappointment. Synonymously, we can realize that this could happen to us – if we forget how it happened to them.

We Can Benefit Enormously

Doubtlessly, YOU TUBE is such an immense resource for helping homeowners and others understand more about deciding wisely. We can refer to it to learn what we can do to avoid unscrupulous building trades personnel. Put differently, we can glean invaluable information on how we can select only the best.

Through YOU TUBE, we can garner in depth information (unique details) on what went wrong or right simply by devoting a few moments to doing what many of us avoid: seeking out videos of home fraud related to nature of projects “we anticipate” for contractor assistance. It does not necessarily have to be for driveway repair. The project may entail window replacement, paving stone installation, fencing, etc.

We can benefit enormously from always going to You Tube when we are considering hiring building trades personnel for any special project we have in mind. We can ask ourselves :

“Exactly what did this contractor say to trick them?” We will be amazed at what we discover.

It simply requires a bit of conscientious, occasional effort, to form a solid habit for not avoiding You Tube videos on related incidents of home fraud. What we may want to hone is a passion for seeking out and examining these videos - in spite of the low views. They do not change the crucial nature of these videos. They only symbolize what lots of others are missing about being better prepared against home fraud. Our advantage.

We profit more “learning more” of what we otherwise may not have known in relation to how other residents were baited and scandalized. This enables us to decide better. And we know what THAT leads to - better results.

Continued in “Summary – YOU TUBE’S Untapped Value In Resident-Contractor Relations”

Meanwhile, in the Reference Box is the link for the invaluable homeowner’s guide:

“You Tube – A Reliable Homeowner Resource.”

Courtesy – Team HGRBS

Homeowner’s Guide: You Tube – A Reliable Homeowner Resource


*HGRBS is national volunteer nonprofit, an exclusive consumer information service with emphasis on supporting self-empowerment among U.S. private home decision makers. Special focus is on sharing related information enabling residents to make safest and wisest decisions in resident-contractor relations. It was founded in 2009.

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