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Summary of Part 1 and 2 of this revealing HGRBS series: “You Tube’s Untapped Value In Resident-Contractor Relations.” Emphasized is usefulness of You Tube guiding our decisions hiring best contractors.

Huge Morsels of Preventative Awareness

When we conduct as little as a two-minute scan of the number of You Tube views of 10-consecutive videos on residents “personally impacted” by home fraud, we will notice that most have gone largely ignored. By contrast, millions of American private home heads are also regular You Tube viewers. Subsequently, the first-hand stats we gathered through our brief two-minute observation, reveal an extraordinarily high absence of those most impacted by the threat of home fraud: homeowners.

However, when we fight our avoidance of these, preferring instead, to pause to learn what a related You Tube video is all about, we can discover it is actually exploding with detail related to:

a. Initial contact with contractor. Including his/her mannerisms. These are often revealed after the resident was defrauded. Through residents’ sharing this information on what the contractor said, how it was said, and under which circumstances, we can be made more aware of what to listen for to evaluate contractor candidates.

b. Through virtue in having resisted our temptation to avoid a video premised on its “low-view status,” we learn a bit more about what not to tolerate when faced with similar contractor-related overtures.

c. We can learn a few details which will save us from whatever that nature of entrapment can mean to our home safety.

*Although scandalous persons in the building trades (such as dishonest contractors) in the videos may not necessarily be known to us, these type are always in the neighborhood. Each has both same and unique approaches. Each video has more than a few things to reveal about each different contractor. In other words, it can be erroneous for us to suggest: “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.!”

Unfortunately, this blase’ nature of approach can often be tantamount to “sight failure.”

A Skit

Just imagine we are walking along in the neighborhood and suddenly hear an argument between a resident and contractor.

The former is castigating the contractor for being a fraud. The confused building trades person insists that the door he hung was done correctly - but the resident differs. Instead, we can see that the brand new door is damaged and hung backwards!

But we want to mind our own business. As we continue moving along, up the street, we see another contractor hop into his pickup while neighbors are at the front of their home - waving. This peaks our curiosity. When we get to where they are, still waving as he cruises off, we have to stop. Ironically, our neighbors just had their new door installed, perfectly. Before we could ask, they volunteered:

“That guy is incredible! How do you like our new door?!”

*When we make a point of visiting YOU TUBE, even if on occasion, just to have a closer look at how a resident managed to become a victim, we can learn a few things about avoiding the mistakes they made. Each videos has its own special details which may or may not be exactly as another covering the same subject.

*Hypothetically, according to our skit, what if both contractors dropped by to bid on installing our new door? Which would we consider? Which would we avoid? In either case, why would we rather work with one but decline the other? Evidently, we “know“ about them from experience.

*YOU TUBE can have identical impact on the quality of our decision making in resident-contractor relations. What if our skit was a YOU TUBE video? Granted, the experience would be virtual, but the cast – real. They could have real impact on our lives if we were to meet them.

*Ironically, what we view on YOU TUBE about schemes and practices by the worst contractors, are authentic enough to warrant attention. The practices are universally applicable, summoning real concerns in our lives. The more we “virtually experience” the shortcomings of residents who did not know these things, the more apt are we to be on guard against making the same careless decisions.

Please download HGRBS free homeowner’s guide:

“You Tube – A Reliable Homeowner Resource”

Homeowner’s Guide: You Tube – A Reliable Homeowner Resource


*HGRBS a is national volunteer nonprofit, an exclusive consumer information service with emphasis on supporting self-empowerment among U.S. private home decision makers. Special focus is on sharing related information for residents to make safest and wisest decisions in resident-contractor relations. It was founded in 2009.

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