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  • Published July 28, 2020
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Benjamin franklin quotes “Eat to live, don’t live to eat’’. This quote is commonly used in our daily life.

Food is a necessity in everyone's life as for survival and nourishment you need to eat. There are two kinds of people, those who eat to live and those for whom living is to eat.

Eating to live, means that food is regarded as fuel the intake of which is necessary for surviving throughout the day. You eat food because your body needs it, and you do that according to your need. It is a chore that has to be done. Eating is not a pleasure but a way to fulfill bodily needs. It’s not the sole purpose of living but has to be done in order to sustain life. On the other hand

Living to eat is basically when you are in love with food and food is much more than just fuel. You are obsessed with the fact of eating and trying out new food. Eating is what your life revolves around. It’s a source of happiness and enjoyment.

There are two categories in this:

  1. Foodies: Foodies are those people for whom food is a lifestyle. Their aim is to try out different kinds of food and to enjoy it.

  2. Emotional eaters: These people consume food as it’s a source for their emotions & feelings.

There are pros and cons to both approaches but there should be a balance in these two approaches regarding food consumption as living to eat food in excess can negatively affect a person's life. Too much of anything can result badly also eating to live and restricting yourself to variation isn’t regarded well so we should Eat to live in order to live to eat.

Arfat Ali Junejo is an HR graduate with a specialization in Training & Development. He has been adding value in organizations and Individuals as a soft skill trainer for a decade now.

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