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  • Published August 10, 2020
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For those who enjoy getting fresh air from the outside and prefer to leave their window open with a simple crank, then the casement window will be perfect for your beloved home. Easy to open and close at any time.

A casement window is a great choice that will offer your spaces like a kitchen or bathroom good ventilation. It can be opened from top to the bottom all the way out for maximum ventilation.

For those who love variety, casement windows often come in many sizes and can be customized according to your preference. It can be designed and opened both outward and inward. They are also best to be placed at hard-to-reach places because it is easy to be opened, using one hand only.

This type of window can either be used by itself or as part of a pair within the same frame.

If you are wondering if the advantage of casement windows, here are several benefits of casement windows;

A)Better security

For homeowners who often fear and worry about burglary when they are away from their home, the casement window might be the best answer for them. This is because the design is made with better security compared to other windows.

There is no way for an intruder to be able to break-in your house with the locks on these windows have a hook shape and embed it into the frame. Furthermore, the sash is sealed tight into the frame when you close the casement window. Casement windows are far safer than other windows as they are designed with hook-shaped locks that insert directly into the frame. Intruders would have to break the glass (casement window) if they attempt to break into your house.

B)Promotes better ventilation

Casement windows will provide your house with the best ventilation compared to any other window type. You can just open the casement window for maximum ventilation, which opens by sliding up and down within the frame. With the entire doors open vertically, each window lets more air in. Casement windows keep the house cool, energy efficiency where no air conditioning is needed during spring or fall, keeps your room chilly, and breezy.

Casement windows are good to be placed anywhere in your house, not necessarily for the bathroom and kitchen, it can look good in a living room or dining room. If you often leave it open in the summer, you do not have to worry about the flies or any other pests coming in because casement windows are compatible with screens.

C)Clear views

Casement windows will offer homeowners an unobstructed view, without the grid lines that you see common on most windows.

D)Sealed for insulation

Casement windows offer good insulation as this type of windows is fully sealed as the window sash presses against the frame to create an airtight seal when closed.

Casement windows also offer a good energy efficiency due to its design which has a strong seal on all four sides. The sash will be pressed tightly against the frame so no air will be able to pass through when the casement window is closed. This type of window is good to have especially in a very windy climate.

E)Ease of washing

Casement windows are usually found and installed over kitchen sinks especially for hard to reach places. It will be easy to wash them as they are cranked open instead of being lid up and down and very easy to open close at any time. It is suitable to be placed higher on the wall. And even though you install it high, you can still reach it and open it with a little crank only.

However, when it comes to windows, there will always be the pros and cons of using it. Among the cons for casement windows (security) is that you might have to be careful as it might usually become an easy target for potential intruders to break in as they age and it becomes rusty. It is important for you to have the window hardware and hinges checked out before installation. This is to ensure the stability to be maintained over time.

Other than that, another con of wanting to install casement windows is that; it usually can be pricey more than double-hung windows. It may be the most efficient type of window that is available but it is also the most expensive window style on the market.

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