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  • Published September 2, 2020
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Thinking of Hiring a Web Designer?

Read This short guide First.

This article can help you to figure out whether that web designer whom you are thinking to co-work is right developer for your website.

Some of us has some experience with some profs who offering services and not living up to expectations but this text will make sure you do not handover the money without viewing work.

Many of us not having a clue how a website is made or run and how can be sure that the potential designer did right website for your business.

That's why need to pay attention to the few points to check before sign contract with web designer.

  1. Portfolio

Firstly, you should take a look at a portfolio of sites of your web designer.

Do not use the portfolio as gospel because anyone can claim to have created a site so you must contact the website owner to clarify that the individual or company you are considering, did make the website from portfolio and if they were good to work with.

  1. Meet web designer a front of his computer

Secondly, you should do all you can to meet up with your web designer. This is not always possible if you think to co-work with designer from other city or country but at the very least you should talk to them via the telephone or Skype so you can get to know them and find out a real address for them.

  1. Contract

Thirdly, make sure you get a contract for the work written up so that you have some evidence of the job at hand. Most web designers will want the same thing so this should not be a problem as it protects both of you.

  1. Pay in instalments

Web designers do not have to purchase materials, so demanding a lot of money up front is unlikely to happen. A lot of designers make ask for a reasonable deposit, which can protect their time spent to design your website.

The rest of the money should ideally be agreed to be paid in stages.

  1. Double confirm all work to be carried out.

Confirm everything that needs to be done and double confirm your waiting from web designer.


By using the points above, you should be able to make sure you have chosen the right web designer and your money will safe.

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