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  • Published September 16, 2020
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What is Drape Your Shape?

Wrap Your Shape is an individual design styling administration where you browse various outfits or dressing pieces with site connects to buy the attire. Each piece has been curated by a Personal Stylist for your particular body type. Each attire thing was investigated broadly and must fall under various classifications to be picked: 1. It must fit a particular body type (Apple, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Pear or Rectangle), It must be all around evaluated by customers so it limits your profits 3. It must be Stylish! 4. It must be decently valued, which means for what you are getting, you are following through on a reasonable cost for it.

How to Start?

To start with, make sense of you body shape by heading off to the "what's my body shape" page. At that point head over to the "shop" page and select your body type. There, you will discover a lot of outfits for your body shape that have been explicitly chosen by a Fashion Stylist. Basically click on the piece of clothing/adornment that you like and the site connection will take you to where you can buy that thing.

How are we diverse structure our rivals?

Our rivals send you closeout garments that is no longer on pattern or not extraordinary quality. We pick garments for you that is in the stores now and works for your particular body shape. It will look incredible, be acceptable quality and on pattern. We don't send you anything! You see all the apparel already and shop for the looks you need!

How accomplishes enrollment work?

You can either pursue month to month administration for $30 and drop whenever or the yearly bundle for $250. Consistently the sheets will be refreshed with new things for your body type dependent on the most recent patterns.

Drape Your Shape is a personal fashion styling service where you choose from a number of outfits or clothing pieces with website links to purchase the clothing. Free 1 month trial. Clothing Chosen for Every Women's Body Shape by a Fashion Stylist. Free 1 month trial. Shop the looks, click the links, buy the clothes..

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