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  • Published September 25, 2020
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Planning to give your bathroom a new look? The basin or sink you select will have a significant impact on the overall look of the bathroom. But other than aesthetics and style, functionality and space are also important factors. A bathroom may have to cope with multiple users, so the basin must be able to fit everyone’s needs and function. With a multitude of styles and a broad selection of materials, how do you choose a bathroom basin well?

Basin Size

The style and size should take into account the entire bathroom space, as the size should match with the scale of the rest of the bathroom fixtures such as the counter or vanity. Before dropping by to hunt for your basin, keep the measurement of the space where the basin will be sitting on in order to find the best-fitted size.

Bathroom Size

We need to be realistic; the size of your bathroom may affect your basin choices. A bigger bathroom can accommodate a larger counter with 2 basins while a smaller bathroom can only accommodate a simple compact wall hung basin. Never choose a basin solely on the design itself, always take into consideration your needs and functionality of the space for the most practical and suitable basin selection.

Installation Location and Condition

The basin should be installed where it is convenient for everyone’s reach and not obstructing the traffic flow of the bathroom. For instance, the height should be comfortable for every family member to reach, not too high or too low. Most importantly, it should be installed where the water piping work can be reached easily for maintenance.

Matching the bathroom design

Matching the basin with the overall bathroom design concept and functionality can be a tedious and indecisive process with endless choices. They come in many designs, styles, shapes, and sizes. With various types of basins such as the wall-hung, countertop, pedestal basins, and more, deciding on one can be difficult.

Types of Basins for the Bathroom:

Console Basin

Also known as countertop basin or sit-on-bowl. Console basins are available in various shapes and sizes to suit your bathroom design, it is the perfect choice for contemporary or minimalist bathroom design. For installation, the console basin usually requires a countertop or a vanity cabinet to sit on. Pairing it with a tall basin mixer or wall mounted basin tap creates a modern, chic, and luxurious bathroom effect.

Wall Hung Basin

A great space-saving choice, as it is attached directly to the wall and doesn’t require a counter or vanity to hold them. it is ideal for small bathrooms. A Wall Hung basin will keep your floor clear and make your bathroom look larger and less cluttered. As for the exposed pipework, fit it with a chrome-plated bottle trap to achieve an elegant and sleek look. Wall Hung basins have become increasingly popular because it is easier to clean and floor tiles are given greater freedom to shine.

Pedestal Basin

The basin is attached to the wall while a pedestal supports the bowl underneath. The pedestal also functions as a concealer of the pipework. The pedestal basin is the most popular choice as it is economical and lasting. it is suitable for modern and traditionally inspired bathrooms with the deep basins being the most practical choice.

Vanity Basin

Consisting of two kinds of installation – the Undercounter and Above counter(also known as inset Basin). Undercounter basins will sit underneath your countertop, while the above counter basin is almost fully hidden with only the top rim appearing on the countertop. With the basin fully set to the counter, it gives a sleek finish to the countertop and opens up more storage. Vanity basins are the perfect type for a minimalist and elegant look. it is practical and creates functional space for your bathroom.

Semi-Recessed Basin

This basin is as its name suggests, is partially embedded in the countertop or cabinet, while the front part is extruded. It is ideal for bathroom with tighter space that needs to accommodate a narrow countertop. The semi-recessed basin comes in choices of squared or rounded shapes that suit both contemporary and classic design bathroom style.

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