Top 10 Upcoming Video Game Based Movies

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Top 10 Upcoming Video Game Based Movies

Let's see if Hollywood can get these ones right names Dave with Watch Mojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 video game movies in development right now for this list, we're looking at the 10 biggest video game movies that are currently being worked on.

Number 10, Monster Hunter

Capcom Action RPG series talks players with slang, fantastical monsters in order to build new armor and weapons but the upcoming movie sounds like a loose adaptation.

It will feature a military team sent to investigate a portal by the United Nations,only when they enter it, they'll be transported to an alternate universe to find the monsters that make the game.

Ok, on the plus side, there is an impressive supporting cast with Tony Jati and Ron Perlman I mean, who knows? Maybe Screen Gems will have another successful franchise on their hands but can you guess why this is only 10?

Number 9, The Division

There have already been several successful films based on author Tom Clancy's works, so another one shouldn't surprise us but what makes this project more interesting is how linked to the video game adaptation it is, Ubisoft is partnering with Netflix to bring the division movie to life.

This one really surprised us, and if someone were to be on the lookout for stragglers, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain will star as well as produce, while David Leach of Deadpool will be directing the first game focused on a group of U.S. sleeper agents as they assist the city of New York during a terrorist led outbreak of a genetically enhanced super virus in New York City. And with the amount of talent already attached, we can expect it to be just as thrilling as the games, which in hindsight isn't really that thrilling.

Number 8, Minecraft The Movie

Aside from a telltale spinoff, Minecraft, a game about building whatever you want, doesn't exactly feature a strong plot. Despite this, a feature film adaptation has been in development by Warner Brothers since 2014.

The Movie came close to fruition with director Shawn Levy and a set release of twenty nineteen but creative differences with developer Mojang caused the levy to drop out, several writers and directors later Warner Brothers has pushed it back to March 4th, 2022 to rework the story with writer director Peter Sulit.

The first film will focus on a teenage girl in a band of adventurers as they try to save the world from an ender dragon. It may seem strange to make a Minecraft movie, but Warner Brothers was able to make Legos work so well. Give him the benefit of the doubt.

Number 7, Metal Gear Solid

It isn't often that a video game movie gets a director who's a fan of the source material.

Luckily, the Mel Gibson movie has Jordan Vogt-Roberts as director, the Kong: Skull Island director, has made his passion for the series clear since joining in 2017. He even left a Metal Gear solid reference in Kong: Skull Island

As of December 2019, the draft has been completed. We've seen video games being turned into cash grab movies time and time again, but it seems like the legion of passionate fans behind this decades old action stealth series can rest easy.

Number 6, Mega Man

With as many games, comics and animated TV shows this series has received, it's honestly a little surprising a movie hasn't been made, I mean, it's pretty much Astro Boy all in good time.

In 2015, 20th Century Fox entered an agreement with CNN Entertainment and Capcom to bring the blue bomber to the big screen. Two years later, Henry Joost and Ariel Schoolman, the same team behind Paranormal Activity three and NERV, were brought on to write and direct.

The live action adaptation was put into jeopardy during the Disney Fox merger, though Capcom claims it's still coming. It might be some time before we get any more news about the project, but with other Capcom franchises also being made into movies it doesn't seem like they'll let this one go so easily.

Number 5, Tomb Raider Two

Given how 2018's Tomb Raider was one of the more successful video game movies, it shocked absolutely no one when a sequel was greenlit. The first heavily relied on the 2013 reboot of the game series to tell that story, along with elements of rise of the Tomb Raider.

And it left plenty of room for the sequel with the villainous organization known as Trinity. Things will be a bit different behind the scenes as the writer and director team of Amy Jump and Ben Wheatley will be in charge this time around.

Reportedly, the plot will be adapting elements from both rise and shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Number 4, Resident Evil

Ok, one could argue that Capcom Survival Horror Series has already received enough film adaptations, however, it could not be argued that those films have been faithful. German production company Constanten Film announced the reboot in 2017, and the project has surprisingly moved along relatively smoothly since then. Yohannes Roberts has signed on to write and direct in 2018.

He's already made a name for himself in mainstream horror films like 47 Metres Down and The Strangers Pray at Night. And since joining this reboot, he has promised it will be more scary and much more faithful to the source material than the previous film franchise.

Number 3, Super Mario Brothers

The mushroom kingdom is filled with shenanigans, vibrant colors and kooky characters right out of a Sunday morning cartoon, and there are few studios we think could translate that to a big screen as well as Illumination

No story aspects unknown as of yet, nor is there a director or cast attached. Mario and Illumination are taking their time.

Number 2, Uncharted

Sony's uncharted project is the poster child for the video game movie development hell, it's been in the works since the late 2000s with David O. Russell attached to direct and Mark Wahlberg in the lead role as Nate.

Over a decade later and it has now gone through six directors and has been delayed to 2021. Now Tom Holland will play the young Nathan Drake, while Wahlberg's role has now been shipped to Sully. Holland Spider-Man schedule is reported to be playing for yet another delay, but Sony is determined to get this project made.

Number 1, Mortal Kombat

Of all the video game movies in development, none seem to feel more close to the source material as the upcoming Mortal Kombat, the adaptation of the gory final will see newcomer Simon McQuoid in the director's chair, but will be produced by James WANs Atomic Monster Productions.

Given that the series featured many horrific creature designs, we'd say this is a match made in heaven. The case is also stacked with veterans of terrific action movies, Joe Taslim will play Sub-Zero, Hiroyuki Sadhana will play Scorpion and Tadano U.S.A. will play Raiden just to name a few.

Oh, and most importantly, it's targeting an R rating rating of the previous release PG 13 movies.

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