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[Wherever we go, near or thousands of miles away, for most, regardless of how enjoyable the trip, we really do not “begin to exhale” until – we are back – home – the center of our lives.]

*Key Points From Part 1

In Part 1 of this three-part presentation, we broached:

  1. relishing the wonder of having our own home (whether we own, lease, or rent). In this we celebrate a social living advantage for personally maintaining and improving it.

  2. However, we acknowledged times when it is vital for us to enlist support of professional tradesmen/women i.e. home improvement contractors.

  3. we recognized also, of all the benefits of home, there is also a “dark side.” This was depicted as “devastation of tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, etc.”

  4. Finally, we considered, in spite of the “dark side,” even then, there can be hope. Amid this stubborn optimism: contractor support. Nevertheless, we focused on how and by what means that will be “wisely” achieved. It was concluded: our hiring decision is most crucial since the light we see at the other end of the tunnel can become darkness.

This thought was conveyed about persons we may hire:

“These will either help allay or compound our grief.”

  • Is Our Decision To Hire Sound?

Since there can be times we require the support of home repair and improvement contractors, what protocol do we have to ensure each decision is a reasonable one? Put differently, do we have a reliable standard for knowing whether or not building tradesmen/women who offer to do our home projects are trustworthy?

There is no doubt that we cannot sensibly arrive at the conclusion of contractors being reliable solely on how cooperative they appear. After all, malicious individuals in the building trades (as dishonest contractors) rely on convincing us they are “humbly” at our service.

Quite obviously, we are not likely to hire someone who is abrasive. Subsequently, when building tradespersons appear congenial, we are more apt to consider them for the project. Granted, there is also the condition of their offering the sort of skills we require for doing the best job. But, how do we know they can truly deliver? How do we know their kindness is not a ruse for setting us up to be defrauded?

Shockingly enough, in most documented cases of improprieties against residents, among several reasons, one is that contractors were able to succeed after convincing us they were honorable enough to deliver. Yet, on what premise? - Congeniality.

Nevertheless, when we take a closer view, we find that, in the majority of home fraud cases, victims placed “feelings” about these predators above our “sense of reason” i.e. sound judgment. Evidently, we were aware of the risks, but we took them. Our reward: ramifications.

To be continued in Part 3 - “Do-Able Tips For US Private Home Heads Hiring Best Contractors.”

Please refer to Resource Box for other important information. We may want to learn more about how we can improve upon our standards for hiring only those most suitable to delivering on our home needs.*

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Special Homeowner’s Guide: “Do We Have An ‘Application Process’ For Residential Contractors?”

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