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  • Author Alexis Norris
  • Published October 8, 2020
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Most web browsers come with notoriously intrusive privacy policies, which are so long and complex that almost no one ever reads them. Instead, they often just agree to the terms and conditions when they first install the software without knowing that their online activities are being tracked at virtually every turn. However, privacy is a fundamental human right, and it is something that should be granted by design and default. This belief is the driving principle behind the privacy-first web browser Maiar. This software aims to stem the surveillance economy and the commoditization of personal data by giving users greater control and knowledge over what they share about themselves, and who they share it with. Not only that - Maiar also offers a comprehensive range of security features and addons to help keep you safe online.

Unlike most browsers, Maiar features a built-in ad blocker which gets rid of annoying and intrusive ads and, more importantly, protects your privacy from trackers and other threats. Online advertising platforms often track internet users to find out more about them and deliver targeted ads. This might sound useful, as it also means you get to see ads which are possibly more relevant to you, but it is also a huge threat to your privacy. These platforms use tracking features to build up detailed personal profiles of internet users. Some common methods include analytics scripts, tracking pixels, and many other data collection tactics. With the built-in blocker, you can choose who, if anyone, you want to share your browsing data with. You can also block or unblock ads on a per-site or browser-wide basis and instantly view how many trackers and ads Maiar is blocking. This also makes pages load faster, saving your bandwidth and your device's battery life.

Maiar also provides features that stop social networks from tracking you. You can block fingerprinting and tracking to control how sites like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn inject code into third-party sites. It also uses HTTPS across your entire browsing experience to ensure all your traffic is encrypted. This prevents third-party sites from accessing functions on your device which are frequently used to track users. These settings can easily be changed through the sophisticated but user-friendly Safeguard interface. Maiar is built on the understanding that privacy is everyone's right, so it should not need to be overly complicated to ensure your online activities are protected. This is why it provides a simple and intuitive user interface that requires no expertise. Now, you can browse confidently and use the rich set of privacy and security features to proactively block threats like social engineering scams, malware, and invasive advertising.

Maiar includes many other important features to help you protect yourself online. It includes an extra privacy layer in the form of private browsing with the Tor network, which also gives you access to .onion websites. There is also a mobile authenticator for receiving SMS verification codes when using the built-in password manager. Together, these features combine to provide a faster, safer browsing experience.

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Alexis Norris uses a private web browser to maintain his anonymity and enhance productivity without constant distraction from online ads.

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