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  • Author Maria A Williams
  • Published October 11, 2020
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Almost everything around us is made of concrete; I mean look at the roads, the walls of our house, schools, churches, etc. and we will need to open up these concrete structures one day to pass fittings, electrical cables, pipes, etc.

Many times there will also be maintenance on the structure, and parts will need to split open; like the road construction work ongoing in my area now (disfigured our road). Breaking up concrete can be dangerous for the 'breaker' and all those around. In the partial breaking of concrete, the structural integrity of the other part of the concrete can be affected if the work is not done professionally. This is a significant reason why professionals should split concrete.

Modern tools for Concrete Cutting

The professional concrete company employs advanced and modern processes into the breaking up of concrete structures. Some of the modern techniques and tools by professional cutters include:

• Diamond Blades

• Concrete Saws

• Wall Saws

• Hydraulic bursters

• Pneumatic bursters

Why you should engage a professional concrete cutting Sydney company

Hiring a professional concrete company should be on your budget, and you should not risk lives by attempting to give the job to rookies or attempting them yourself.

• High precision and Near Accuracy

The use of high tech machines and ultra-modern cutting equipment means concrete is split at adequate accuracy levels. When the concrete is split with precision (constant accuracy), the process is safer on other structures adjoining that concrete.

• Saves a lot of Time

Concrete cutting will not be the only process you have to perform, especially when constructing/maintaining a structure. The experience of experts and professionals on the job will positively aid the process and reduce the cutting period.

• Safe on the workers and people in proximity

Traditional means of concrete cutting are usually very stressful, loud, and unpredictable. There are no measurements or analysis done before cutting. Modern tools can help to reduce the risk of injuries and damage to nearby structures.

• Little waste of Energy (Noiseless and Dust-less process)

The cutting machines are noiseless and have little vibrations. This makes them more compatible with working in areas that require quiet like schools, churches, lecture halls, etc. Also, too much vibration is very dangerous to the health of workers.

• They offer professional advice and analysis

In addition to the concrete cutting, they also provide expert advice on the best method to employ for the job, the safest possible method to split the concrete. This way, they maintain the structural integrity of the whole structure.

• They are licensed and take responsibility in damages

It is very risky to carry out high-risk operations like concrete cutting without having a legal accreditation from the regulating body of the government. The absence of an active license can lead to the government shutting down the worksite.

Also, in the event of damages or accidents, while working, the company will bear the full cost of the damage. The agreement between the contractor of the job and the company binds them to be responsible for on-site damages.

Engaging a concrete cutting Sydney company can be a bit costly initially. Still, when you factor with the numerous risks and lack of efficiency common with traditional methods, there is a lot of financial gains in future costs.

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