Is SEO Still a Valuable Marketing Activity?

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  • Published October 1, 2020
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One of the best ways for promoting any business on the internet is Search Engine Optimisation. Many successful digital marketers use SEO to market their internet businesses. SEO brings free organic traffic. It does not cost a lot of money to implement. And it has a high return on investment.

Is SEO still a valuable marketing activity? Read on to learn the whole truth:

Free Traffic

SEO brings free traffic from the Search Engines. You will focus on ranking for low competition keywords. It is easy to rank for these keywords. Once your website ranks, you will get free traffic. You will not pay for traffic as long as you are getting enough traffic from the Search Engines. However, it takes time to generate meaningful traffic from SEO. That is why a lot of people do not use SEO. If you are consistent, you will get free traffic for several years.

High Conversion Rates

Free organic traffic is highly targeted. This means your visitors know what they are searching for. They might even be searching for reviews of your products. If you have customer testimonials on your websites, they are more likely to buy your products. It is easy to convert these people, especially if you have quality and informative content on your website. Increasing your conversion rates increases your sales.

Quality Content

It takes lots of effort and time to create quality content. That is why some people avoid SEO completely. They do not want to spend several hours creating content because they are not sure if their content will rank in the search engines. Quality content is a must if you want to rank a website. Once you decide to use SEO, you will focus on creating the best content in your niche. Also, having quality content on your website increases your sales.

Build Trust

People are savvier these days, and they do not buy from brands and businesses they do not trust. People only buy from the businesses they know and trust, so you must build trust with your potential customers if you want to increase your sales. If no one cannot find your website on their favourite Search Engine, they might never buy from you. SEO improves your online presence. The quality content on your website will help you build trust.

High Return on Investment

It is no secret; SEO has a high return on investment. If you do not want to spend any money on SEO, you can learn SEO. For example, you can focus on doing proper keyword yourself and creating your content. You will never spend on any keyword research tool or content creators. You do everything yourself. Once your website ranks, the traffic will remain consistent for several years. You will make money from that traffic for several years, and you are not paying for traffic.

Is SEO still a valuable marketing activity? Yes! It is still a valuable marketing activity. Why? SEO has a high return on investment. It helps you build trust. It increases your conversion rates, increasing your sales. It brings free traffic for several years. And it does not cost a lot of money to implement the best SEO strategies.

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