How to Troubleshoot Hp Printer Error?

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How to Troubleshoot Hp Printer Error?

Step by Step Solution for HP Printer Error – Get Printer Technical Support

I know how frustrated it can get when you find that your printer that worked yesterday doesn’t print today. I have faced this problem many times, sometimes the problem just fixes automatically after a reboot and other times a little bit of troubleshooting fixes it.

Here’s a list of troubleshooting that might be handy to fix quick HP printer issues.

• Faulty printer cables

When the printer stops printing, you need to check if the cables are connected. (If you have recently shifted the printer or dusted them, the cables could be the obvious reason to cause a problem).

• Turn off the printer

• Unplug all the cables connect to the printers

• Connect them again

• Turn the printer ON and try to print

• Print – Success

Check the firewall settings of the computer

• At times, the computer’s firewall does not allow your HP printer to function

• For this, open the preferences of firewall

• Add the executable file of the printer software in the form of an exception

• You can also disable the firewall on a temporary basis

• Check out if the error is fixed and, in most cases, it will be fine.

Cartridge issues in HP printer

Using compatible and remanufactured cartridges can sometimes cause printer issues. When your printer stops printing, you can follow these steps.

Check if the printer cartridge is full or empty

• Remove the cartridges, wipe them and put it back again

• If the cartridge is empty, you can replace it with a new one.

• Try a test print and it should print fine

• Clean the print head

• It is important to clean the print head ensure it’s aligned properly

• Open the printer driver, access the maintenance feature and run a print head clean and check the alignment

Printer Driver Issues

You may get an error message when the printer driver is not installed properly. In most cases, the system might fail to recognize the printer. When the device fails, you can try to uninstall the driver and reinstall them again.

If you don’t have the printer software disk, you can download it from online.

Re-installation of HP software

• To reinstall the software, ensure the printer is ON

• If the printer is connected with the PC, disconnect it by removing the cable

• The software would indicate you if the connection between the printer and the cable is required

• Visit HP Customer Support and then Software and Driver Downloads

• The page “Let’s identify your product to get started” is displayed, click on Printer

• Type the model number of the printer and click on the option Submit

• When the page gets displayed, check out the default operating system

• If you want to change the default operating system, click on the option Change, select the version you want and then give a click on Change

• Click on Download

• While the installation is processing, select the option Recommended or Typical kind of installation when asked by the software installer

“If you are still not sure, you can get assistance from HP printer technical support.”

Check with the Windows Image Acquisition Settings

• WIA is a system that connects scanners and the computers which has to be active. And if it’s not active, it fails to scan any document.

• To fix it, search Windows in the View local services box and click on View Local Services in the Control Panel setting list

• When the service window opens, Find WIA by typing Windows Image Acquisition

• Check the Startup and the Status type values

• If the status defines ‘Started’ which is further displayed as Automatic, your WIA is properly running. Move to the next step

• If the Status reads Disabled, right click on WIA and click on Properties then click on General Tab, then click on Start option which is under the service status

• Select Automatic from the Menu in the Start

• Reboot the system

• Try to Scan and it should work properly

These are some step to step solutions you can try out for solving the HP Printer error. However, if any of these fails, or you require any assistance simply call the HP Printer technical support and get assistance from experts.

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